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Facebook girl Episodes 9&10

I drove out of the bank with funmilayo sitting beside me and we started to gist and discuss on our way.
FUNMI: so you always hang out like this every fridays?
ME: not at all, just once in a while.
FUNMI: like how often?
ME: like ones in a month sha.
FUNMI: hmmmmmmmm. You are forming holy saint abi?
ME: **smiled** I’m serious funmi, I’m not really the outing type, except once in a while when my friends pressurise me to go out with them.
FUNMI: it’s hard to believe sha.
ME: haba, what makes you think so?
FUNMI: a cute guy like you?, driving a cool ride?, and you won’t be going out to have fun?.
ME: funny you funmi. But like seriously, I hardly go out sha.
FUNMI: so, what brand do you drink?
ME: malt and coke.
FUNMI: are you joking?
ME: I’m serious funmi. I don’t drink. The highest I can take is energy drink.
FUNMI: energy drink? ****clears throat*** what for?
ME: **smiled*** what I mean is that if there isn’t a coke or malt, the next thing I can take is an energy drink.
FUNMI: like bullet right?
ME: not at all. I mean non-alcoholic ones.
FUNMI: I don’t believe you anyway. So how is your wife?, are you hearing from her?
ME: my wife?, who?
FUNMI: the lady you always go home with.
ME: oooooooh, you mean Benita?
FUNMI: yeah.
ME: she is not my wife oooooo.
FUNMI: and you always go home and then come to work together abi?
ME: her road was just on my path, so I do help her by picking her up in the morning and then dropping her in the evening.
FUNMI: was she the only person in the bank living along your path?
ME: I don’t think so.
FUNMI: then why is she the only one you always pick up in the morning and drop later at nights?
ME: ****smiled****** it’s not what you think funmilayo. She was the only one who approached me for help in picking her up every morning, others didn’t.
FUNMI: what about the periods you were living together at your apartment in Maryland?
ME: **** surprised ***** who told you that we lived together?
FUNMI: forget that one onihaxy. Do you really think I don’t know?
ME: we never lived together funmi.
FUNMI: never mind then. So where is she now?
ME: I think she is in rivers state.
FUNMI: is she working there?
ME: no oo, she went to visit her fiancé. But she told me that she would hunt for jobs there.
FUNMI: ok, her fiancée stays in rivers State right?
ME: yes.
FUNMI: is he working there too?
ME: I think so.
FUNMI: ***smiled**** onihaxy!!!!!!!
ME: what is that?
FUNMI: but you told me that her fiance lived in same street with you?
ME: *** chaii!!!!! ***** yeah, that was what she told me earlier, only for her to tell me later that her fiancé lives in rivers state.
FUNMI: my regards to her anyways.
I began to wonder how funmi got to know that Benita lived with me.
“Could it be true that she knew?”
“Or maybe she was just pulling my legs”
“Or people don carry rumours reach her side?”
“But no one knew about it except my closest friends and benita closest friends too”
We arrived at a bar and we located two empty seats and we sat down. The bar man came to meet us and I was surprised when funmi ordered for two bottles of Guinness and a plate of pepper soup. She asked me what I wanted and I told her energy drink is ok for me. Funmi told the barman to give me 2 cans of energy drink and a plate of pepper soup. The fear of the fees gripped me and it was so obvious on my face as I was staring at the barman while he was walking away. “Calm down onihaxy, the bill is on me. afterall, I am the one compensating you for delaying you.” Funmi said as she noticed how I was looking at the guy. I replied her “haba, money isn’t a problem na. How much is it sef?”.
The barman arrived with our order and we started to eat and drink and having series of gist along the line. Funmi was laughing out loudly to every of my jokes and we were relating like mates, the whole atmosphere was devoid of boss to staff relationship. Funmi ordered for three more bottles and that was when I began to realize that I was on a long thing.
I checked the time and it was few minutes to 11pm. Funmi had started acting funmi like someone who drank to stupor and she began to say funny things.
“Onihaxy, nothing dey happen”
” What happened to my car sef?”
” Onihaxy, someone must receive query on monday”
” Onihaxy, I need two more bottles”
” Don’t mind me. I’m not drunk ooo”
From all what funmi was spewing out, I need no soothsayers to tell me that funmi was indeed drunk. I called the barman and asked him how much we are paying, he told me the price and I picked funmi’s purse and paid him. I tapped funmi to let us start going but she was behaving funny. I held her hand and lifted her up while I walked in the front hoping that she was following me. To my surprise, I looked back and realized that funmi had fell down back to the chair. “Chai, wahala dey oooo”, I walked backwards to lift her up and take her to the car but I realized that she was too heavy for me. I looked around and I saw some guys having their drinks at the other table. I walked up to them and beg them to assist me in taking this woman to the car. They laughed at me as two of them stood up and followed me to help me.
They held funmi and walked her to the car as I carried her bag and led them. I started the car engine and drove off from the bar after thanking the guys that helped me. I drove straight to funmilayo’s house in the estate where she lives. I picked her. keys from her bag and opened her main gate to enter. I parked my car and stopped the car engine. I looked at clock on my dashboard and it was 12:09am. “Thank God tomorrow is Saturday. How do I get back home at this mid-night?”, I was so tired and weak as I alighted from the car. I was still holding her bunch of keys and I walked towards her main door, I tried several keys until I was able to open the door. I switched on the lights and I returned to the car to pick funmi. She was staggering and saying funny things as I took her inside the main house. I didn’t see anyone at home as we walked to her room. We got to her room and I opened the door and took her inside. I made her sit on the bed while I sat on the sofa in her room to brainstorm on how to get back home in that midnight. I got the greatest shock of my life when funmilayo stood up and staggered to the wardrobe. She pull of her clothes including her bra. She has only pants on her and she brought out a night gown and put it on.
I was like “maybe she didn’t realized that I was here probably because she was drunk”, but funmi surprised me when she dipped her hand underneath the gown and pulled off her pant and threw it inside her wardrobe. I sensed danger immediately and I stood up to start going out before someone accuse me of rape because of her drunk state, but funmi walked closer and pushed me to the bed. I fell flat on my back and she came for me and sat on my laps.

ME: *** scared *** funmi, funmi funmi!!!!, stop stop stop stop!!!!!!
FUNMI: ***acting funny and drunk*** my husband, what is it sef?
ME: *** surprised*** Me?, your husband? Haaaaa
FUNMI: you are the one that always complain that I hadn’t been making the move all this while. Now that I need you badly, give it to me like its hot.
ME: haaaaaaa, I’m doomed. What is happening?, what is going on?
Funmi sat down firmly on my laps and her hips was pressing on my d–k. I tried to resist her and push her away because I was caught unaware and unprepared. Funmi’s weight was so much on me that I couldn’t turn around. She was looking at me and laughing out without any iota of guilt or remorse on her face, she went for my shirt buttons and I was left with a mixed feelings of erection and confusion.
“What is going on?”
” Is this act from funmi intentional?”
” No, I don’t think it is”
” She was drunk”
” Yes, she drank to stupor”
” I remembered, she took five bottles of Guinness”
“She must be under influence of alcohol”
” But can just 5 bottles make someone to behave this way?”
” I don’t think she is conscious of what she is doing”
” Or is this not the same funmi who is my boss?”
” Hope this act won’t get me into trouble?”
” Hope it won’t backfire on me at work?”
” Hope she won’t accuse me of molesting her because she was drunk?”
“Hope this act won’t bring enemity between funmi and I?”
“Or how do I explain this strange and unaware adventure?”
I was still lost in my thoughts when funmi finally loosed the whole of my buttons. She pulled my hands and placed them on her b—–s while she went further to lose my belt. This time, my mind wasn’t doing the thinking anymore as I began to gain further erection and I began to get in the mood. She dropped my belt and pulled down my trousers to the knee level while I was still busy manipulating her b—–s. Funmi bent forward and kissed me as her b—-t was fully pressing my chest. I could feel the taste and smell of alcohol from her mouth as she was doing this.
I stretched my hands towards the back of her a-s. I forced my hand sideways until it reached the end of her night gown. I raised it up and landed my hand on her c——s. I began to manipulate it and she began to moan. I spent much time on the c——s without finger f—–g her. When I noticed that she had cummed, I gently slide my fingers inside of her and began to dig in and out of her with my finger. Funmi was not only moaning but screaming. I was amazed to discover that her hole was that tight despite the fact that she had children. I was still busy manipulating her with my right finger while I dipped my left finger underneath her chest down to my boxers. I loosed the single botton on the penis hole to bring out my erected penis. I pushed it backward and held with the same hand while I located her entrance and then slide in gently. Funmi let out a loud moan and she pressed forward on me. I held her a-s with my two hands and I was raising it up and pulling it down. I was making funmi to rise and fall on me as we were f—–g in “drunk woman ontop” style.
When her weight was getting to much for me to carry, I pushed her away to make her sleep on her back and I lied on her to f–k her in missionary. The entire s-x lasted for about 15 minutes before I cummed. About 3 minutes after I stood up from funmi, I turned to her side and discovered that she had started sleeping. I stood up and went to her trolley to pick tissue paper and cleaned myself up. I also cleaned up the stains on the bedsheet and pulled down her gown to make her dress properly. I flushed the tissue in the toilet and I sat back on the bed to ponder on all that happened.
“What just happened?”
“Did I just f—-d funmi?”
“Haaaaa, my boss!!”
” But she started it now?”
” What if she wake up and denied that she never seduce me?”
” What if she wake up and accuse me of rapeing her?”
I felt back on the bed and couldn’t sleep that night. At 4,O’clock on dot, I left her on her bed as she was still sleeping. I picked up her keys and went outside to open her gate, I returned her key to her living room and I drove out of the building. I stopped the car and I came back to close the gate and returned to my car and I drove off. When I got to the entrance gate of the estate, I was stopped by the security guards and I was told that I won’t be able to go out of the estate until 5am. I had to beg them that I received an emergency call to come nd help to carry a labouring pregnnt woman to hospital for delivery. It was then that they allowed me to go out after searching my car thoroughly. I drove home and arrived at my place at few minutes to 7am. I fell back on my bed and I began to imagine all that happened.


Facebook Girl Episodes 3,4&5

Adebimpe started moving her hands gently and mood changed instantly and I started singing “thank God ooo!!!l. I put off the shower, lifted her from the floor and carried her on my hand while returned her back to the room, I dropped her on the bed and placed her to relax and rest her back against the wall of the bed. I went to her wardrobe and picked a towel, I returned to her and cleaned her face and I later tied the towel around her chest to cover her nakedness. I then sat down beside her and began to pet her by rubbing her chest and her face.
“Sorry bimpe!!”
” Thank God ooooo”
“Oluwaseun oooooo”
” Lord I thank you oooooo”
BIMPE: ***turned her face to me**** what happened to me onihaxy?
ME: Adebimpe, let’s just thank God that I’m not on my way to jail.
BIMPE: what really happened?.
ME: I pushed you away so hard and you fell and hit your head against the edge of the bed.
BIMPE: ****touched her head**** ooouch.
ME: sorry dear.
BIMPE: hmmmmmmmm.
ME: I was really scared, I thought you were dead.
BIMPE: so, was that why you wanted to hide my corpse in the bathroom and then run away?
ME: haba bimpe, not at all.
BIMPE: then what happened?
ME: I took you to the bathroom and placed you under the shower for water to pour on your body whether it would wake you up. I’m happy it worked.
BIMPE: hmmmmmmmmm.
ME: yes bimpe, I was so frightened and scared, I thought of running away but I couldn’t. Infact, I have been thinking of jail and the number of years I will spend in prison, that is if I wasn’t given a death sentence.
BIMPE: hmmmmmmm. Onihaxy, did you truly meant all you said to me back there in the bathroom?
ME: ***pretended****what was that?
BIMPE: when you kissed me and told me you loved me now and forever.
ME: *** surprised**** so you heard it?.
BIMPE: off course I heard everything. It was your kiss and those words that brought me back to life.
ME: ***chaiiii, modaran****
BIMPE: onihaxy, you know I love you so much and I knew you love me too. But why are you so mean to me?. See the way you pushed me so hard the other time?, you almost killed me and sent me to early grave.
ME: ****silent*****
BIMPE: so because I refused to abort your pregnancy, you now think that the best approach is to kill me instead?. You didn’t even consider our Daniela that she would end up been motherless?
ME: Bimpe, I’m so sorry. I pushed you away out of anger, so it wasn’t intentional. Or what would I gain from your death?
BIMPE: a lot for you to gain Mr man. Atleast you will be happy that I’m dead with my pregnancy and I won’t be a threat to you and your future matrimony.
ME: its not what you think bimpe. Or are you a threat to me?
BIMPE: offcourse I was never a threat to you and would never be. You are the person seeing me as one.
ME: ok, fine. Why did you drug my drink in the first place?
BIMPE: *** stammering*** me-me-me-drug-drug-what?.
ME: Adebimpe, you don’t have to stammer, it was so obvious that you drugged my drink, that was why you never tasted out of the wine.
BIMPE: no now, but I was looking for my purse at that moment, you could remember that I went outside to find it at the dry cleaner’s place and later to remember that I dropped it upstairs.
ME: Taaa!!!!, you never forgot any purse at anywhere, and I’m so sure there was no dry cleaner because you had two big washing machines here in this house which I’m aware of.
BIMPE: ***sobbing*** onihaxy, so you didn’t believe me abi?
ME: lailai!!!!!, I didn’t. Why didn’t you tasted out of the drink when you finally found your purse upstairs?
BIMPE: ****raised up her hands**** ok fine, I accepted. But would you agreed to stay over the night if I had humbly requested?
ME: why would I agree to stay over when I have my own place where I live?
BIMPE: can you see what I was talking about?. I knew you never cared about me onihaxy, I knew you were treating me like a trash.
ME: and here she starts again ooooooo. was that why you sent your maid away from the house?
BIMPE: haba, no ooooooooo. She went to help my aunty ni ooooooo.
ME: that is none of my business adebimpe. See, the earlier we strengthen the fence and boundary between us, the better it will be for both of us. I cherished betty’s love so much and I’m not ready to loose her for anything.
BIMPE: so, you mean I didn’t cherish my own love for henry abi?
ME: I don’t think so oooo adebimpe. Because if you do?, you should have stayed away from me and avoided me since.
BIMPE: ****laughed**** see onihaxy, if I didn’t cherish my love for Henry, I ought to have packed out of this house and move over to your place all this while now.
ME: ****laughed too**** and you think it’s funny?. That’s your business anyways, its already 6:40am, I need to start going

Facebook girl
Episode 4
BIMPE: ****flirty smile*** start going to where?
ME: home offcourse.
BIMPE: ok then, no problem, I hope I have been forgiven sha?
ME: for what?
BIMPE: for making you to sleep over
ME: hmmmmmm, so you finally admitted that you drugged my drink?
BIMPE: ***faced down*** I had no other choice onihaxy, I had to do that since it was the only way I could make you stay back since I wanted you to be around.
ME: Adebimpe, the more you are using extreme measures on me, the more you are breaking my trust for you. Now, I will no longer accept any food and drink from you again. Infact, I will no longer come here again. You can go ahead and report me to Henry that I said so, I don’t care.
BIMPE: Haaaaaaaa!!!!!
ME: yes, read my lips, you can even go ahead and tell Betty that I said so, I don’t f—–g care anymore, everything is over right here.
BIMPE: ***jumped up from the bed, knelt down on her two kneels and held my legs****** onihaxy please, I’m so sorry.
ME: you don’t have to beg me, this is just the height of it all. It’s over and I mean it.
BIMPE: ***raised up her head and looked into my eyes while still kneeling down and started crying*** onihaxy please don’t do this to me. Please don’t stay away from me, please don’t neglect and abandon me. Please find a place in your heart to forgive me. You are my only source of joy and happiness, you are the main reason why I keep smiling everyday and you are the only person that brought joy into my heart. Please don’t leave me, I’m dead already without you.
ME: ***felt sorry for her**** ok bimpe, stand up and wipe off your tears, it’s ok.
BIMPE: no oooo onihaxy, please let me remain on my knees.
ME: no ooo bimpe, I insist that you should stand up.
BIMPE: ***stood up from the ground and was standing in front of me**** thank you very much dear.
ME: bimpe, I want to ask you some questions.
BIMPE: ok, go ahead.
ME: do you really want my happiness at all?.
BIMPE: offcourse, I do.
ME: do you want me to get married?
BIMPE: of course. Henry and I are strongly behind you and Betty.
ME: if you are sure of that, then why don’t you just give me freedom so that I can focus on my own relationship?
BIMPE: oh my God onihaxy!!!, this is where you are always getting it wrong. I’m not stopping you from going out with Betty, I’m not stopping your marriage plans, I’m so happy with both of you and I’m strongly behind you both. After all, its not as if I wanted you to marry me, All I just wanted from you is to treat me as if you care, treat me like the mother of your first daughter, don’t run away from me and make me feel happy. Honestly, it’s not disturbing anything whatsoever you have with betty, you are just the one creating issues out of nothing.
ME: and how do you expect my union with betty to work out when you keep on locking me up in your room, chasing me around with calls and text, choking me with pregnancy and the likes?
BIMPE: and ever since all these had been happening, did henry find out about us?
BIMPE: that is it. Despite the fact that I’m married and living under the same roof with henry, I played my game very well. Its left for you to play yours to. Betty is your fiance and will soon be your wife and I expect you to love and adore her so much. But at the same time, I’m your baby mama, I’m also expecting you to show me some level of care.
ME: hmmmmmmmm. It’s official, I’m doomed.
BIMPE: stop saying that onihaxy. Its not as if I’m telling you to announce it to the whole world that I’m your baby mama for crying out loud. But atleast show little care, call when you are supposed to call, reply my chats anytime I initiate it, visit me here often and I won’t have any reason to complain or lock you up.
ME: ok, I heard you. Let me start going now.
BIMPE: wait, there are blood stains on your cloth. Open inside the wardrobe, you will see a “3-in-1” lux white round neck vests packed at the top, you can take one out of it.
ME: who owns it, you or henry?.
BIMPE: it belongs to me.
ME: ok ****i went to the wardrobe, picked the vest and changed my top****
BIMPE: ***gave me a polythene bag**** take this nylon and keep your cloth inside. Let’s go downstairs to the living room but you will have to wait while I excuse the security man away from the house.
ME: **** surprised**** excuse him out as how?, I don’t understand.
BIMPE: yesterday night around 8pm, I gave him money to get me a wine at the third street while I waited outside the compound till he returned. When he came back, I pointed at your car and I told him that you have gone but you would be coming back this morning to pick the car.
ME: hmmmmmmmm. Adebimpe!!!!!!!, you are a smooth criminal.
BIMPE: na you sabi. You can never trust those guys, he might start gossiping later.
ME: so, what will happen now?
BIMPE: you will wait in the living room while I send him out on an errand and then you will go out and hang around somewhere. When he is back, I will call you to come back so that you can officially knock on the gate and come in to take you car.
ME: ***chai!!!!!!!****
Bimpe put on a gown, wore a pant and we went out of her room to the living room. She peeped at Danielle’s room through the key hole and she was still sleeping. She later went out of the house and sent the security man on an errand while I left the house to hang around somewhere. About fifteen minutes later, she called me on phone to come and pick my car. I came back to the house, knocked on the gate and it was opened by the security man. I went straight to the car, drove it out of the house and I told the security man to greet her madam for me and tell her that I was in a hurry and that was why I couldn’t enter to see her. I got back home and I started reminiscing happened

Facebook girl
After a serious thanksgiving session on Sunday for not becoming a murderer and sent to jail because of Adebimpe, I got to work on Monday morning to resume duty as a permanent contract staff of the bank. At 10am, we were all summoned to the board/conference room for a briefing and We were all welcomed by the managements and we were been given some forms to fill and a copy of our offer letters was been collected from us. Five out of us were assigned to the other units of the bank entirely while the remaining five of us were retained to continue with the same role we were assigned to during the temporary contract period.
The five of us who are to retain our previous role was taking to a new office entirely to with systems and furniture’s fully provided, we were joined to the existing permanent contract staff in the same unit. As it was a continuation of the same thing we did in the past, no new training was giving to us. Our previous supervisor was still the same person assigned to supervise us. He just briefed us on our new tasks and assignments; he talked about our new daily targets and also talked about the process flow. He also told us to endeavor to approach other colleagues in the unit for more clarifications on anything that seemed unclear to us about the process as he reminded us that errors and mistakes i are big taboo in the bank which attracted serious sanctions.
We all began our assignment immediately as we logged in into the system with our previous login details. All through this period, there was no traces and sign of funmilayo because I didn’t see her all through the briefing period neither did I see her during the morning connect session. I picked up my phone and tried calling her number but it wasn’t connecting.
At 12pm which was break time, I left my new office and I decided to go round to visit other people I knew during the period of my temporary contract. I got to floor where Benita’s team was using before and the guys who are permanent contract staff on the same floor bombarded me with questions.
“Onihaxy, how is Benita?”
“Where is she now?”
“Is she still in Lagos?”
“Are you guys eventually dating now?”
“Has she gotten a new job?”
“Why wasn’t she retained?”
“You couldn’t save her while you were pressing buttons?”
“Why didn’t you tell your office mother to help her?”
The questions were coming from various angles and I answered the few I could answer while I ignored the rest. I spent like 5 minutes with them and left the floor for another floor to greet another set of people. Finally, I went to the floor where funmi’s office was situated of which I also worked on the same floor during my days of temporary contract. On opening the main door, the “gossip crew” welcomed me with their own version of questions.
“Heeeeeeee onihaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
“The one and only son of Query mama”
“How you dey?”
“Your mama really tried for you ooooo”
“For you to be retained among the multitude of temporary staffs”
“Why didn’t you resume here?
“We thought you would be coming back to work with us from this floor”
“Or your office mama no longer need your service?”
“What about Benita your wife?”
“Hope you are hearing from her?”
“Hope you guys are still together?”
“Why wasn’t she retained sef?”
They continued to fire questions at me and I answered the ones I could answer. I enquired about funmi from them and they gave me funny responses.
“So you want to tell us that you don’t know here whereabout?”
“Well, she has not been seen in the office today ”
“We were about to ask you whether she would still come today”
“Shebi you have her number?”
“Why didn’t you call her?”
“Or has she disowned you?”.
I just laughed at them as I left the floor and I went outside to the canteen closer to the bank to have my lunch and I returned to my new desk to continue with my task for the day. I continued this while having a gist along the line with my new co-workers. We talked about life and work during the period of the temporary contract, we talked about the girls who were boasting of been retained because they were rolling with big bosses and senior staffs. We laughed at their wasted sacrifices of free p—y they gave out to these senior colleagues. We also talked about the people who were doing eye services all in the name of appointment and we also laughed over it too.
At around 3pm, I was still on my desk, doing my work when our supervisor came inside the office, he walked towards me and said “onihaxy, you will be leaving this office today, you won’t be working from here anymore”. I was shocked and surprised by what he said. I began to wonder if I had done anything wrong, or probably an error was detected from my previous works. I asked him why he wanted to move me out of the new office and he replied me by saying “funmi arrived here like an hour ago, she said you should be moved away from this place and be moved back to her floor where you were working before”. I took a deep breath while my colleagues started clearing their throats “hmmm hmmm hmm


Facebook girl EPISODE 7

On Friday of the same week,, I woke up very early in the morning as usual to prepare for work, I left home and arrived at work by 7:15am. I walked into the bank, went straight to my desk to pray. I later joined the general connect session which was been held at the E-banking unit. I started the daily duties at few minutes past 8am but I noticed that funmi wasn’t around. I went to her office to check on her and she wasn’t there. As I was returning back to my seat, the “gossip crew” who are my co-workers on the same floor started firing questions at me.
“Onihaxy, where is your sugar mummy”?
“Why is she not in office yet?”
” I know that you aren’t comfortable since morning”
” You didn’t just have any choice than to go and check her in her office”
” Why not call her on phone?”
I just can’t help it but to shake my head for them, I was like “why can’t these people just mind their own business for once in their life”.
I returned to my seat and dialed her number but it wasn’t reachable. I tried her second line and it was ringing but she didn’t pick up. I dropped my phone on the desk and continued with my work. Around 9am, Funmi walked into the office floor and we all greeted her. The look on her face wasn’t the normal funmi I used to know, even when she got to my table, she didn’t smile at me like she used to do. She walked into her office and shut the door while my other co-staffs began to look at me in a surprised manner. I was confused and I was like
“What could be going on?”
“She didn’t pick up my calls?”
“She didn’t smile at me as usual?”
“She was late to work”
“And she appeared to be moody”
“I must check on her during break time”
“I must find out what is going on”
“I hope I haven’t offended this woman”
“I’m very sure I didn’t offend her”
I stopped worrying myself over funmi and I decided to concentrate on my work. At few minutes to 12pm, my phone was ringing, with anxiety in my heart, I rushed to check who was calling, hoping maybe the call was from funmi but I hissed when I checked the screen and I found out that the call was from adebimpe. I picked up and we started talking.
ME: ***frowned*** hello.
BIMPE: hello dear, good afternoon
ME: good afternoon
BIMPE: how is work going?
ME: it’s going fine, and yours?
BIMPE: fine too. You promised to call yesterday evening but you didn’t. Why?
ME: I’m so sorry about that Adebimpe. I didn’t have airtime on my phone and I am not too boxed up to recharge, I’m seriously broke
BIMPE: eeeyah, but why didn’t you tell me when I called you yesterday morning.
ME: I just don’t want to bother you with my problems.
BIMPE: you are not serious onihaxy. Have you forgotten that Betty handed you over to me while she was travelling.
ME: handed me over to you?
BIMPE: yes, she said I should take good care of you and make sure you didn’t lack anything. So for now, I’m your mother her in Lagos and your acting wife at the same time. So you should be free to talk to me anytime and ask for anything you can ask from betty.
ME: you are funny bimpe.
FUNMI: *****opens her door and was about coming out of her office****
ME: bimpe please hold on, my boss is coming.
BIMPE: ok, flash me when you are free ***hanged up*****
FUNMI: ***** walked out of her office and went out through the main door without talking to me****
ME: *****wondering what could be happening to funmi while I was scrolling through my phone to check a message that just came in and I realised it was a credit transfer of N1,500 from Adebimpe. I decided to call her back***** Hello bimpe.
BIMPE: hi dear, hope you got the credit transfer?
ME: yes I did thanks so much.
BIMPE: you are welcome. Please I will call you back in the evening, I have a patient to attend to.
ME: ok, bye ****
I stepped out of the office and went out to eat lunch at the nearby canteen. I got to the park and couldn’t find funmi’s car at the usual parking spot and I believed she drove out of the bank premises. I got to the canteen, finished eating, and I drove back to the bank and I still couldn’t find funmi’s car at the park. I was like “maybe she hadn’t returned from where she went to”, I parked my car and went inside the banking hall and straight to my office. I was surprised to see funmi at the grand floor discussing with one of the superiors on the floor while I was going to my office. I got to my seat and I was wondering what could be happening to funmi. I later ignored it and concentrate on my work. Funmi came in some minutes later and when she reached my desk, she stopped and said “onihaxy, see me in my office right away”.
I got scared and I stood up immediately and followed her inside her office. I shut the door and she told me to sit down.
FUNMI: onihaxy, I’m sorry for my reactions to you since morning, I am not really in good mood.
ME: I thought as much. I called you in the morning and you didn’t pick up, What really happened?, sorry to ask.
FUNMI: my car broke down in the middle of the road, and I was robbed by a passerby who stopped by in a disguise to help me. My back was snatched and I lost everything. I had to chatter a taxi to work and that’s why I was late.
ME: eeyah. So sorry about that, no wonder my calls weren’t picked up.
FUNMI: its ok, no problem. Where are you going today after work?
ME: no where, I will be going home. Why did you ask?
FUNMI: I need a favor from you.
ME: what is it?
FUNMI: please I want you to drop me at home today. Please, can you do that?
ME: no problem.
FUNMI: alright dear, you can leave now.
ME: ok boss.
I left her office and I was wondering why she wanted me to drop her at home when she has access to official cars in the bank compound with drivers available at her peck and call.


Tale of the house boy Episodes 42,43,44,45&46

Episode 42.
*** When i sight the bathroom,
i saw my madam stalk naked masturbating.
I stood there and watch her as she service herself,
she couldnt see me bcos she
was backing the door…. Her body was as smooth as that of a new born baby.
I keep on looking at her b—ck and side view of her b—bs,she keep on pushing her finger inside her p—sy and use her other hand to hold her two b—-t,
my dickson resurrected with force,
i step backward and arranged my dickson.
I came up again and stood at the place i was before and was feeding my eyes.
My dickson became so hot that i can feel the hotness inbetween my legs.
Should i enter the bathroom or ignore her??
For some months naw,i haven’t bleep any girl.
This must be a temptation and i must overcome it.
I quietly walked out of our flat and stood at the door.
The sound of her moan was too much that i can hear it from the place i was standing.
What will i do naw???
I decided to bang at the door to knw if she will stop,
i knocked but to no avail. I opened the door and entered,
she was still busy masturbating and i entered my room straight and she could notice that someone entered. My dickson became more harder and hotter.
I sat on the chair that was inside my room.
After for some minutes,she came out of the bathroom,
i opened my curtain and greeted her,
she was marvelled.***
Madam: when did you come back?
Me: not long ago.
Madam: which way did you follow to your room?
Me: i entered through the parlour.
*** she became a bit shy,
i can see it written over her face,
she turned and entered her room.
I removed my cloth to go and take my bath,
my dickson was still erect and i tied towel on my waist and entered the bathroom fast so that she can’t notice my erection.
After i finish bathing, i entered my room and my dickson was still hard.
Chai! Nekwanu ifem ji akam kotere onwem. If i had knwn,i would have stay long in the market.
After she prepared our dinner,she told me to go and carry my food in the kitchen.
I stoodup from the bed and my dickson was still hard,
i have an iron pant and i brought it out and worn but it still show.
I entered the kitchen and carried my food.
As i was eating, her moan i heard when she was in the bathroom Keep on replaying on my mind.
After eating i went to the parlour to greet her,
when i got there,she was with a bumshot and a sliveless top that shows her b–bs.
My dickson started nodding,
i greeted her and left the parlour immediately.
I couldnt sleep all through the night bcos of my erected p–ck,
in the morning, i prepared fast and went to market.
When i got to the market,bathlomeo hasn’t come so i swept our shop and cleaned everywhere,
i sat on my chair,
i keep on picturing my madam’s nakedness.
Soon Bathlomeo came to market,
after he was through with cleaning,
i called him ***
Bathlomeo: guy what’s up naw???
Me : i dey jareh
Bathlomeo: yarn me wetin later happen?
Me: guy that lady na witch ooo.
Guy could you believe say,she dey m——–e?
Bathlomeo: M——–e! She must be a s-x addict. Igwe take your own share naw….
Me: take my own share as how?
Bathlomeo: chop and clean mouth, see igwe stop behaving childish and reason like a man for once.
You knw say,your oga don comot and her body needs a man,
she don dey show you green light but you never understand.
Me: so wetin you come suggest make i do naw???
Bathlomeo: that one na simple something naw but promise me say,you no go f–k up.
Me: i promise
Bathlomeo: when you reach house……
*** our two sales girls entered and we quickly changed our previous topic to football discussion.
Ijeoma went inside our shop and Amanda stood at the entrance of our shop. ***
Me: nne welcome,i hope you are healthy today?
Amanda: yes . So how are you and your madam?
Me: we are fine.
Amanda: i will come to your house on Sunday,it have been a while.
Me: do you knw our house?
Amanda: why not,i came when oga got married and after that,
i have visited madam when oga fly out and help her Do some certain things.
Me: waoh so nice of you. But have you inform her?
Amanda: no,i want to pay her a suprise visit,
please don’t tell her.
Me: even if you tell me to,
i wouldnt do that naw…..
Amanda: naughty boy.
*** we entered inside the shop and ijeoma was busy going through our sales book.
After sales for that day,
i went home. When i got to the house,my madam was in the kitchen cooking,
i greeted her and entered my room and she called me back.
I stood at the entrance of the kitchen and she told me to come inside the kitchen and i was scared bcos i don’t knw what she is up to.
To be continue

Episode 43.
*** i stood at the entrance of the kitchen bcos i was scared,
i don’t knw what she is up to. ***
Madam: come inside.
Me: *** i stood still where i am ***
Madam:*** harsh voice *** i say you should come here before i deal with you mercilessly.
*** i don die.
I moved in a little ***
Madam: igwe who gave you the fundamental right to enter this house when am bathing?
*** i was muted *** talk before i skin you alive.
Me: plz aunty,am sorry for that.
Madam: so you did it intentional?
Me: no aunty,
it wasn’t intentional.
Madam: then tell me,what is it then? You have succeeded in seeing my nakedness abi,are you happy now?
Me: aunty,am sorry
Madam: sorry for yourself,
let that day be the first and the last you ever enter this house when am bathing.
Me: *** see me, see wahala ooo.
So her new plan now is to leave the bathroom door open whenever she
want to bath *** yes ma but
i thought bathroom door suppose to be lock when someone is bathing.
Madam: and who are you to say such a thing?
Are you the one to tell me what to do and when to do it?
Me: am sorry ma.
Madam: sorry for yourself,
will you get out of here before i descend on you,,stupid boy.
*** i moved out of the kitchen to my room.
I sat down on my bed and was meditating.
Why did she throw those insultive words on me??
What have i done wrong to her?
So many thought were running through
my mind.
I entered the bathroom and took my bath.
After she finish preparing our dinner,she didnt call me to come and take my food as she
normally do.
I waited for her to call me to come and carry
my food but she didnt call.
Hunger just dey wire my belle bcos i ate once for market.
I stood up and entered the kitchen and i
saw a plate of food and i carried it to my room.
When i opened the food,
it was smaller than the one she
always put for me.
When i finish eating,
i entered the parlour and greeted her but she didnt respond well as she normally does.
I greeted her again and she shouted
at me,
i left to my room.
I was very angry all through the nite. I woke up very early in the Morning and did my morning duties and left our house without greeting her.
I decided not to bcos of
the way she responded to me last nite.
As am about to go to market,
one beautiful lady came out from the next flat and asked me
if am igwe.
I greeted her and told her that am igwe.
She said that my madam told her that they have a new boy,
that is why she want to confirm wheather am the one bcos she haven’t seen my face in that compound before.
After some other pleasantries,i left to the market but my mind wasn’t at rest.
When i got to the market,i refused to disclose my encounter with my madam to Bathlomeo bcos i knw he doesn’t have any meaningful solution.
Amanda and ijeoma keep on persuading me to tell them what the problem is but i ignored them.
All through the day,i couldnt talk to anyone neither do i talk to Bathlomeo. When i got to the house in the evening,
my madam was in her room,
i greeted her and she still can’t respond to me the way he use to.
I didnt talk to her again,
so i entered my room.
She didnt cook that nite,
so i went out and bought some snacks and coke and
devour it like a hungry lion and rushed in immediately.
I laid down on my bed,
i used my phone to play some music to knw if i will sleep.
I finally slept off and wokeup the next day been Saturday by my madam.
Every Saturday i normally wake up very early in the morning to sanitise our house before i go to market,
but that day i couldnt wake up early and my madam came to my room and poured me water,
i was suprised by her action. She started throwing abusive words on me,calling me a village champion and all what not.
I stood up from the bed and looked at her with an angry face and she
landed a dirty slap on my face ”’GBOZAAA!!!”
i makes to hit her but unfortunately i didnt have the mind to do that and
secondly i have calculated the consequences that will come out of it.
She rose her hand to Slap me again and i held her hand and looked straight to her eyes. ”don’t ever try it again” i said.
I threw her hand aside. ***
Madam: so you want to fight me??
Me: i don’t want to fight you but if you push me to the wall,i will have no other option than to do just that.
Madam: i see… That means you are leaving this house today.
Me: if you are ready then am ready too.
***what was on my mind then was to beat hell out of her if her hand touches me again,
she stoned me the cup she used to fetch water that she poured on me.
I became more angry to the point that my anger can even boil hot water.
All my body was vibrating and what was on my mind then was to destroy her
To be continue.

Episode 44.
*** i was filled with anger,
what was ringing on my head then was to hit her so hard and i raised my hand to hide her,
she pulled her body on me ***
Madam: hit me if you can,
you son of a b—h. Do your worse and leave the rest.
*** i pushed her out of my way and moved to the corridor and sat down,
soon she came there ***
Madam: what are you doing here?
Will you go inside and start cleaning this house.
*** I didnt utter any word to her and i was still sited down. ***
am i not talking to someone? I said you should get up from that
place before i descend on you now.
*** i raised my face and looked at her and ignore her.***
ok you should come and eat in this house let me see.
*** she entered inside and i sited there for 20mins before i entered inside and start cleaning the house.
When am through,she prepared tea and drank,
i prepared to go to market and she called me back,
i Came back to her with a bold face. ***
Madam: if you are coming back,
don’t forget to bring ten thousand naira for Sunday food.
Me: bring ten thousand from where?
Madam: who are you to ask me that nonsense question?
*** i was muted *** come back to this house without that money and you will have yourself to be blame.
Me: have you finish bcos am going late?
Madam: don’t lemme do what i will regret later.
Me: we will all starve in this house till your husband comes back and
for your information,i can never bring any farden(lowest amount of money) from the shop to this house again,
If you like call your husband,
i don’t care to knw.
Madam: who are you talking to like that?
Me: anyway you should answer that by yourself,
am off to the market.
*** i makes to move and she drag me back ***
Madam: how dear you insult me and want to walk out on me?
Lemme tell you,your days in this house is over and consider yourself fired when i call my husband on phone.
Me: i only pity you bcos if you do that,
i will leave here,yes i agreed but you will loose your husband.
Madam: loose my husband as how?
Me: ok lemme break it down to you,
that day you were bathing and left the bathroom door open,
i entered for the first time and
i was amazed when i saw you masturbating.
You think i don’t knw?
I captured everything that you did inside the bathroom
and it is on my phone,
that’s an evidence that you are a s-x addict and a prostitute bcos a normal lady like you don’t engage in such dirty act.
*** she was calmed and shy *** so you better respect yourself,i can even tell him that you always brought men in our house,
ofcourse after seeing your nude video he will believe me, so keep calm and co-operate with me or i will leak your secret to your husband.
Madam: what have i done to you that
you decided to destroy my marriage?
Me: everything lies on your hands,
if you want your marriage to be destroyed,
it lies on your hands and if you don’t want to,
it still lie on your hands.
Madam: am sorry igwe.
Me: you don’t have to be sorry.
*** she came closer to me and held my cloth ***
Madam: please if i have done any thing wrong to you please find a better place in your heart to forgive me.
I don’t really knw what came over me.
*** she makes to knee down and i pulled her up ***
Me:please you don’t have to knee down before me remember you are my madam.
Madam: i filled so empty now.
Me: you don’t have to. *** i held her two arms *** i love you as my madam and
also my
sister,so i can’t do anything that will hurt you if you co-operate with me but if you don’t,
i will have no other choice than to do that.
Madam: i pledge,i will co-operate but just do me a favour.
Me: and what’s that?
Madam: just forgive and forget all my strange behaviours toward you recently.
Me: you are forgiven,
Madam: thank you so much.
Me: uwl… I have to go now…
Madam: ok but please lemme make some tea for you…
Me: don’t bother yourself for that ok.
*** i left to the market ,
when i got to the market,i told Bathlomeo all that happened between my madam and i and he told me that i did an excellent job.
That Saturday,we closed market early and Amanda reminded me again that she will visit us tommorow,i told her , there is no problem, that we are prepared for her… I deducted ten thousand naira from our drow for our Sunday cookings.
When i got home,i greeted her and she responded with a smile and i later gave her the money.
After am through with my dinner, i went to the parlour to greet her.
When i entered the parlour,she was with that her bumshot and my dickson kicked up immediately,
she told me to follow her to her room and i follow her.
When we got inside her room,she pushed me to her bed ***
Madam: igwe this room is for me and you today.
*** with a twinkle of an eye,she was stripped herself naked ***
To be continued

Episode 45.
*** waoh! I remembered her body i saw that day in the bathroom,
she moved closer to me and gave me a passionate kiss that vibrated my whole body. ***
Madam: igwe what are still waiting for,remove your cloth and quench my hunger.
Me: please,i can’t do this.
Madam: why?
Me: do you remember that you are my madam?
Madam: oh! Spare me that trash.
Me: hmmm…..
Madam: you are punishing me emotionally.
Me: what if you got pregnant in the process,
how will you tell your husband that he is not the father when the time comes bcos i knw that one day that the truth must prevail?
Madam: igwe please stop all this future tens question and lets focus on the present. Igwe i love you from the first day you came to this house but i keep on hiding it from you.
Me: it can’t be possible bcos you are married,i knw that your husband loves you and i don’t knw about you to him,so if you don’t love your husband,
you may probably break your home one day. So please lets forget
this and you face your husband and lemme focus more on what i came here to do.
Madam: i have heard you but
we have to do this now.
Me: *** my dickson keep on noticing me *** please lets forget it before five minutes enjoyment will lead us into problem that will claim our lives.
Madam: just this one please,i can’t hold myself anymore *** her legs was shaking *** please don’t kill me emotionally,i beg of you,just do this one favour for me and i will never disturb you again.
Me: will you be satisfy if we make love without s-x?
Madam: yes.
Me: wear your cloth.
Madam: i don’t enjoy making love with cloth.
*** my phallic was as hard as zuma rock,
she touched my dickson and i resisted her,
i pounce on her and started to kiss her,i laid her straight on her bed,
and kissed her from her mouth to her toes.
I located her b—bs and kissed the tips and she jerked up,
i lowered my hand down to her p—y and insert one of my finger and she gave me a soft and attracting moan,my dickson became hot,
i started with fingerbleeping,
she was giving me the best moan i have never heard from other women i have bleeped. I was pushing my finger to and fro,
i fingerbleeped her for 5mins and i withdrow my finger from her p—y,my finger was shining like someone who put his hand inside shoemaker’s gum. She held my polo and removed it and located my nicker,
she wanted to pull it off and i held her two hands ***
Me: remember what we agreed on,
Madam: *** she looked at me with a disappointed eye *** i knw but please,you can’t leave me half way like this,
please lets finish it for once.
*** my dickson keep on notifying me and i can feel more pleasure on me,i freed her hands and she removed my nicker and freed my dickson from the cage, she robbed the head with her hand and i vibrated my waist.
She lie down facing the ceiling and depart her legs,
giving space for full penetration. I pushed the head of my dickson inside her and she left a soft moan,i started moving to and fro slowly,
at a point,i increased my speed and she was giving me the best moan ever,her moan was encouraging me to bang her harder,i was f—–g her as if we are mates. I banged her for 10mins and she was not only moaning but screaming,
i continue for another 10mins before she held me tight and began to convulse and cummed,i continue banging her for like 2mins more and when i want to c-m,
i withdrow my dickson from her p—y to pour on the floor and she pushed it inside her p—y and told me to pour inside her. ***
Madam:O oo yea,give it to me igwe,i love yoooooooooou!
*** she was confessing as am filling her honeypot with my c-m.
After the s-x,i rushed inside the bathroom and bath.
I went inside my room and lied down ***
Me: what really happened? What have i done to myself ??? I have made myself a liar before my boss and she had broke her matrimonial home.
God please forgive me *** i knee down *** God from today onward i will never go close to any woman till i get married.
*** i laid down to sleep but sleep ran away,my consent keep on whipping me,telling me that i have done evil. I couldnt sleep throughout the night. In the morning i did some of my morning activities and my madam was still sleeping.
After am through with what am doing,i took my bath and prepared for 8 o’clock mass. I decided not to bother her by waking her up and i left to the church,after service i came back and my madam was in the kitchen frying tomatoes ***
Me: anuty good afternoon
Madam: welcome,did you take anything in the morning before going to church?
Me: no.
Madam: you must be very hungry,wait a while the food will soon be ready.
I went inside my room and lie down till she was through with cooking.she invited me to the parlour for lunch,we ate as husband and wife.
After eating,she took her bath and told me that she want to go and see somebody and she left.
After like 30mins,Amanda came but unfortunately,my madam wasn’t at home.
To be continue

Episode 46.
Me: beauty how are you?
Amanda: am fine ooo , Happy Sunday.
Me: i wish you the best sisi.
Amanda: i hope your madam is around?
Me: you came late,she have went out not long ago.
Amanda: *** hissed *** i don’t knw if she will come back on time,so that i can wait for her or should i just go?
Me: there is still time,you can wait for her if you wish to.
Amanda: did she went to a far place?
Me: i don’t knw bcos she didnt tell me where she was going to,
or better still call her on phone.
Amanda: i have a flat battery since yesterday and there is not light in our street to charge it.
Call her for me naw.
Me: *** lied *** i don’t have recharge card.
Amanda: chai! You don’t have recharge card and you still have the mouth to publicize it,
a whole manager like you. *** she started laughing ***
Me: offence number one for insulting me in public and you must pay for this. *** she continue laughing and i later join her in laughing.
After we laugh finish,
She told me that she will wait for my madam, i said ok and
i took her to my room,
i told her that am coming and i went out,
i bought suya and malt and present it to her as kola.
She accepted it and kept it on the table and i was sited on my bed ***
Amanda: who has this room?
Me: who else but me…
Amanda: na waoh! You are in paradise.
Me: how?
Amanda: your room is so nice.
Me: *** giggled *** drink your malt before madam come back.
*** she started to drink her malt and suya.
As she was drinking,
i was busy pressing my phone, i was thinking on how to raise a topic concern s-x but i couldnt produce any. ***
Amanda: your madam have stayed long,
i have waited for her,
over an hour.*** i was staring at her lips and she caught me with her eyes *** igwe why are you staring at me like that?
Me: there is a part of your face that is so attracting to me and i think i love it..
Amanda: hmmm….. A part of my face?
Me: yes now.
Amanda: *** laughing *** where is it located on my face?
Me:Close your eyes let me show you.
*** she continue laughing *** close your eyes now…
Amanda: igwe no…
Me: i just wish i can steal it from you…
Amanda: tell me now…
Me: not until you do what i told you to do.
Amanda: ok… *** she closed her eyes and i stood up and moved closer to her and socket my mouth on hers,
she open her eyes immediately and want to push me but she didnt bcos my whole body was on her and my two hands was already on her neck.
She tried all she can to resist me but i didnt gave any chance.
After some minutes of struggling to separate her lips from mine,
she finally calmed down and crossed her two hands on my own neck and we continued.
As we were kissing,her right hand moved down to my belt and i held her hand and separate my mouth from hers ***
Me: don’t go there,am ok with this.
Amanda: am not ok with it. *** she moved her hand down to my dickson and i removed her hand again ***
Me: please lets forget that,
it is against humanity and Christianity and it may lead us to somewhere that we will regret later.
Amanda: you are not serious, when you started this,what is your aim?
Me: i kissed you just to admire your lips.
Amanda: you can’t be serious igwe.
Me: am serious
Amanda: you admire my lips by kissing me and you must admire my honeypot by banging.
*** she pushed her body on me ***
Me:please Amanda lets forget this,
whereas here is not the right place for this
and my madam will soon come back,please don’t put me into trouble.
Amanda: you knw here is not the right place and you turned me on with this your magic lips and hands.
Me: am sorry
Amanda: i hate you igwe,i hate you with passion,
you must surely pay for this and don’t ever come my way again.
*** she took her purse and moved to the door and i rushed her,
i tried to plead with her but she ignored me and opened the door and went away.
I came back to my bed and lie down.
As i laid down,i started meditating on what happened between us.
But it is my fault,i have offended her
After for some minutes,
my madam came back but before then,i have warmed rice and stew.
When she entered,i greeted her and she responded wella.
She entered her room,few minutes later she called me and i rushed in ***
Madam: did anyone look for me?
Me:yes…. Amanda came here in the afternoon but you are not around and she left immediately
Madam: she would have informed me earlier now.
*** she removed her top in my present *** please help me to unhook my bra.
*** chai! See me,
see wahala ooo.
She turned her back,
my dickson kick up immediately and was ready for action
To be continue.


The Repentant Virgin! Part 9 & 10

– PART 9
► Story and Heart
► Living in the Heart
► Song Lyrics
This is a story written by Ayosmiles
That move killed every atom of resistance within
me. All that was
► Heart to Heart
► My Heart
► The Heart of the World
on my mind was that today I was going to be
disvirgined, I would
finally enter Babylon after several years of
laying siege to the city.
Then she kissed me. I ate her lips as if I was
hungry and i hadn’t
eaten for days. i was hungry, hungry for s*x.
Every intimate
feeling that had been dormant in me suddenly
awoke and started
manifesting. As we kissed, she was caressing my
body. My hands
strayed to her bum and started kneading and
fumbling. I used my
two hands to shift her skirt up. Then my right
hand started rubbing
her laps. Her hands were roaming all over my
body, even as we
kissed. I broke this kiss for a moment to remove
my singlet and
her top. The sight of her topless chest sent
intimate shivers down
my spine. I found myself staring at two huge,
round, ripe oranges
with taut unmentionables pointing at me
invitingly. The bosoms
were big, I didn’t hesitate to set my mouth on
unmentionables. I sucked, licked,bit, flicked,
rubbed, caressed,
fondled, and juggled those bosoms, there was
nothing I didn’t do
to them. Then, while still busy with my mouth,
my hands strayed
under her skirt, up her thighs. I slipped my
right hand through her
panties and felt her Unclad bum. At this time
she was moaning,
making low, soft sounds of pleasure. She
started rolling her bum
on my laps so as to stimulate my stiff
instrument. After fondling
her bum for a while, I slipped a finger inside
the kitty. I first felt
the clit, I rubbed gently on it, then roll it in
between two fingers.
Then I dept the finger inside the kitty. The
interior was soft, warm
and wet. By now Sanda was moaning loudly,
obviously enjoying
what I was doing to her. In my mind I wanted
to bleep her so
much she would never forget me in her life. But
I wanted her to
beg for it and then I would pound her till her
kitty gets sore. I
started manipulation her, first with my index
finger while sucking
her unmentionables. She was moaning terribly
“Uh, hah, baby. Please I need more. ”she
moaned into my ears. I
inserted another finger and continued
manipulation. Her p—-33y
was now very wet yet she wanted more. I
inserted two more
fingers and dug in. She screamed in ecstasy as
she came and my
hand was bathed in her come. I brought out my
hand and wiped
her wet come on her chest. She was in a
desperate mood now.
She looked at me with surprise, as if she was
shocked I could
make love this good. She quickly slipped off my
laps which were
already getting painful now. Before I knew it,
she pulled off my
trousers, knelt down before me and had my
Jman in her hands.
She started stroking the ramrod stiff
instrument, lingering around
the cap to concentrate sensations. Then she
plunged it into her
mouth, nearly taking me in completely(I have
an average d—k,
not a goliath).
Oh my God, the feeling was sensational.
Audience this was my
first BJ and I had no idea how sweet it was
until I felt my
equipment being licked and sucked by this
vixen. It was as if all
the pleasures in this world had concentrated on
my d—k as she
sucked and rolled her tongue on the cap. I must
confess she is
really good. It was so sweet that I came in her
mouth. She wasn’t
offended, she quickly spat the precipitate out
into a nearby bucket
but part of it was still hanging on her face.
Seeing that come all
over her face made me more Hot.
“Ayo, Please I want you inside me now.”she
pleaded. She was
sexually high. I thought in my mind “Not yet
baby, am still gonna
do things to you that will make you beg more.”
I carried her and dumped her on the bed. I
deftly removed her pant
and hitched up her skirt, bringing me face to
face with her
pulsating, wet, deep kitty. I moved closer,
preparing to plunge my
face into that kitty and suck the living daylight
out of the b—h.
My eyes caught the window as I moved closer
and I saw
somebody at the window looking at me.
Readers, can you guess who it was?
“Awo!”I screamed as I saw him.
The pervert must have been watching us for
quite sometime
because there was a satisfied grin on his face
and it seemed he
had been self-servicing as he watched life blue
film. He was
supposed to be out of town but i knew he would
forever thank God
for whatever had brought him back to school
ahead of schedule to
see what he had always dreamt of as he once
told me; a live
session of steamy hot s*x. Well, I wasn’t going
to fulfill the
pervert’s fantasies.
Frowning at the intrusion, I moved to the
window to pull the
curtain to block his view and continue with
Sandra. As i moved
closer I saw him look at something outside and
then the grin on
his face faded and he looked grim. He spoke
before I could pull the
curtain and I could only make out one word
that struck terror into
my heart.
I looed at Titi’s face and all the passion in my
body dissolved
“What’s happening?”she asked.
“Titi is coming”
we hurriedly struggled into our clothes. she wore
her top and I
wore my boxers and my trousers just as we
heard approaching
footsteps. I hear Titi’s voice as she exchanged
greetings with Awo
outside. Sandra rushed under the bed. I quickly
smoothed the bed
and went to open the door. I found a pensive
Titi by the door. Both
Titi and Awo entered.
“What were you doing in the room that you
locked the door?”
“I was playing rough with Awo.”I said. I quickly
signed to Awo,
who nodded when Titi gave him a questioning
look. She went to
my bed and sat down.
“So why did you come back so early?”
I was trying to divert her attention from the
suspicion as she was
already looking around the room with a
questioning look. She said
she didn’t see one of her uncles that she was
supposed to spend
the night in his house and so she had to return
early. Then she
asked why the bed was so rough and i said it
was when I was
playing rough with Awo. She looked at him and
he nodded
again.She said she had been calling me to tell
me she was around
and I have not been picking. I saw 15 missed
calls on my phone.
She seemed calm now but there was still a
curious look in her
eyes. I knew she must have been wondering
what why something
just doesn’t seem right.
Then something really bad happened
She spotted Sandra’s pant on the floor and
picked it up.
“Whose pant is this?”
I stammered initially, then I said it belonged to
one of Arsenal’s
girls. she examined the pant closely and said she
knows it
belongs to her room mate, Sandra. I denied it
initially but she said
she could recognize that pant anywhere because
Sandra liked it
very much. She turned to me, her face grim.
“Tell me what Sandra’s pant is doing in your
I had no choice but to confess to her. The lid is
up. Sandra came
out from under the bed. I couldn’t even look at
Titi’s face. I felt so
ashamed of myself. Sandra didn’t really care. I
saw Titi’s face
screwed up and I knew she wanted to cry. Then
she dashed out of
the room. Sandra did not even speak to me, she
left silently. I was
surprised that she seemed not to feel guilty at
what she had done.
Awo followed her. then I was left alone in my
The following day, I called Jumoke(Miss
campus) to help me beg
Titi. If she would listen to anybody it would be
her. But i knew in
my heart it was an abortive attempt. things
would never remain
the same. When I finally saw Titi on the third
day, I begged her as
she cried. She said she had given me everything
she had
including her whole heart except her body and I
had betrayed her
by shattering her heart. Then I got the
information that broke my
heart. Sandra actually seduced me deliberately
so as to get back
at Titi for abusing her one night. She had come
back late with an
aristo dropping her off and Titi had abused her
that she was a
useless girl. Well, she planned to show her how
useless she was
by seducing and bleeping her boyfriend. How
could a girl be so

The Repentant
Virgin! – PART 10
► How Do You Kiss a Guy
► The Story
► Virgin
This is a story written by Ayosmiles..
I soon moved on with life, but with deliberate
caution this time. I
avoided women and faced academics squarely.
The time was fast
approaching for my ND 2 examinations. Then I
met Bose. She was one of the year one students
I was taking tutorials. I just realized that we
were involuntarily getting close. She was a
cheerful, down to earth girl. There was nothing
romantic or intimate between us as we never
talked about intimate matters.
We used to discuss more of academics and other
serious issues.
► The Story
► Virgin
► Story Analysis
She was the typical church girl; she was a
devout christian, a worker in her fellowship.
She didn’t even wear skirts so I believe you
should be able to picture the kind of girl I am
trying to
describe. I was already wary of women at that
time and I never thought about s*x when
around her. In fact I thought she knew nothing
about s*x until one day she proved me wrong.
The end of session exams had ended and many
people had traveled home. i was one of the few
still around because of my project. i went with
Bose to help pack her stuff before she traveled.
When we finished packing we were very tired
and we decided we had to give ourselves a treat.
I hurried back to my
room and took my bath, she also freshened up.
I took her to the
best cafeteria in school and we had a nice time.
As we chatted while eating i started noticing
some things about her that I never noticed
before because i had never thought about her in
a intimate way. Like I noticed she was actually
pretty with dimples but she
had innocent looks that masked her sexiness. I
noticed that she had firm bosoms and for a
while I thought about sucking thoae bosoms but
I dismissed the idea instantly. I thought if i
suggested anything intimate she would think am
a pervert. After eating, I
walked her back to her hostel and we continued
chatting. She asked me to stay around as she
was lonely and all her roommates had traveled.
She started talking about romantic stuff, about
her classmates that were dating each other and
Being Intimate. I was
surprised she could even talk about these things
but i was encouraged and went further. Our
conversation got really intimate at a point and
we were talking about intimate experiences. she
said she had a boyfriend whom she intended to
marry. i asked
whether she Were Intimate with him and she
said yes. I said i
thought she was a virgin. She just smiled and
said s*x is sweet.
At this time my tin was already hard as rock
because I suddenly found her very s*xy** and
sensual. I realized we were the only ones in the
room and the thoughts of bleeping her grew on
my mind.
Fortunately, she was thinking about the same
thing. She was lying on her back on the bed
and i moved closer, lying beside her. I told her i
liked her but because of the respect I had for
her and my broken relationship I didn’t ask her
out. I was holding and rubbing her soft hand
now and she was smiling. seeing her positive
reaction, i moved closer and started rubbing my
fingers softly along her arm and her leg. She
was still smiling and I thought yes, this is my
lucky day. i I moved to kiss her, she placed her
finger on my lips and said that she would Be
Intimate with me on one condition; that I do it
very gently and romantically, and that I suck
her kitty. I said that’s not a problem cos I am a
I soon moved on with life, but with deliberate
caution this time. I
avoided women and faced academics squarely.
The time was fast
approaching for my ND 2 examinations. Then I
met Bose. She was
one of the year one students I was taking
tutorials. I just realized
that we were involuntarily getting close. She
was a simple,
cheerful, down to earth girl. There was nothing
romantic or
intimate between us as we never talked about
intimate matters.
We used to discuss more of academics and other
serious issues.
She was the typical church girl; she was a
devout christian, a worker in her fellowship.
She didn’t even wear skirts so I believe you
should be able to picture the kind of girl I am
trying to
describe. I was already wary of women at that
time and I never thought about s*x when
around her. In fact I thought she knew nothing
about s*x until one day she proved me wrong.
We started kissing on the bed. I must say she is
a very good kisser. we just continued kissing
and smooching for a long time, maybe 15
minutes. I was very patient, i took my time
with her,
caressing her face, her hair, and her whole body
as a whole. After each break in kissing, she
would smile into my eyes and say Oh my God.
Then we would resume. I noticed her body was
beginning to shudder and her hand was already
rubbing on my jeans, trying to unzip my fly.
This is a sign that she wanted more. I quickly
unzipped my jeans and stepped out of it, giving
her more access to my hard d—k now straining
to be released from the
boxers. She dipped her hand inside my boxers
and grabbed my kini, she started stroking it
while we continued to kiss; long, deep kisses
with our lips and tongues. I promptly broke the
kiss and
moved my lips to her neck region, kissing her
neck. She started
touching the interior of my ears with her
fingers, stroking them lightly; it created a very
pleasant sensation. Then i removed her top and
gently unhooked her bra. I found a pair of
round bosoms
with dark, thick nips falling in my hands.
i have always loved big nips and I didn’t
hesitate to set my mouth on those
unmentionables and suck as if my life depended
on in. She started speaking in low, sensual
voice saying i should keep doing it that she likes
what am doing to her. I removed my mouth for
a while
and asked her to lay back on the bed.
Then I started licking her belly. Surprisingly
she had a fresh, smooth body and that made me
really hungry. i licked her belly and proceeded
down to her belly button. I dipped my tongue
into that depression and licked gently. Then i
proceeded downward till I realized her skirt was
a barrier. I promptly removed her skirt and
then my boxers. All the
time she just laid there soaking in all the
pleasure making low sounds to urge me on. I
didn’t mind, all I wanted was to give her
pleasure. Then i proceeded southward, to
downtown proper. I saw
her kitty; a pretty little dark thing with a big
clit. i realized i was going to get the pleasure of
life cos her kitty would be tight.