UCL🏆 Group⚽ Stage Draw😍

The group stage😍 draw of the UEFA Champions League🏆 has finished. English Premier League👑 champions Leicester City🐺 were included in the draw for the first time🤔 ever. The presence of Tottenham⚽ and the return of 💛Borrusia Dortmund also added a spark✨ to this year’s event. 
👔Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City have been drawn alongside his former club 🔷FC Barcelona. German champions🌟 Bayern Munich joins Atletico Madrid⭕ in Group D . Meanwhile, the defending champions👑 Real Madrid have been put beside Dortmund and 🤔Sporting Lisbon. 
Take a look👀 at all groups👇

🔰Group A – PSG (FRA), Arsenal (ENG), Basel (SUI), Ludogorets (BUL) 
🔰Group B – Benfica (POR), Napoli (ITA), Dynamo Kyiv (UKR), Besiktas (TUR) 
🔰Group C – Barcelona (ESP), Man. City (ENG), Monchengladbach (GER), Celtic (SCO) 
🔰Group D – Bayern (GER), Atletico (ESP), PSV (NED), Rostov (RUS) 
🔰Group E – CSKA Moskva (RUS), Leverkusen (GER), Tottenham (ENG), Monaco (FRA) 
🔰Group F – Real Madrid (ESP), Dortmund (GER), Sporting CP (POR), Legia (POL) 
🔰Group G – Leicester (ENG), Porto (POR), Club Brugge (BEL), Kobenhavn (DEN) 
🔰Group H – Juventus (ITA), Sevilla (ESP), Lyon (FRA), Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)


The girl he never notice part 3


“There are no rules when it comes to love. I just try to
let love surprise me because you never know who
you’re going to fall in love with. You never know who’s
going to come into your life – and for me, when I
picture the person I want to end up with, I don’t think
about what their career is, or what they look like. I
picture the feeling I get when I’m with them.” ― Taylor
Jade’s POV
“Wait! Please wait!” I shouted at the top of my lungs
and ran towards the bus stop. But the bus driver didn’t
hear me, and closed the door.
“No!” Panting, trembling, breathless, I groaned with
disappointment. The bus left, when I was just a few
steps away from the bus stop. Now, I had to wait for
another ten to fifteen minutes for the next bus. I would
be late for work, which never ever happened before. I
felt so tired last night that I overslept. I was so stupid, I
forgot to set the alarm clock.
I dug out my phone in my bag to text Mrs. Chang that I
would be late. I was scrolling my phone’s contacts
when I came across Joseph’s number. I stored his
number last night, despite having no intention of calling
Joseph Nevin was our neighbor in New Jersey. Blond,
cute with dimples, tall and lean. He looked like the
young Brad Pitt. Aside from his good looks, he was also
smart, very humble, God-fearing and very
For me, he was the kindest man I’d ever met. All the
qualities that I wanted in a guy, he had it all. He was
Perfect. My Prince Charming, Knight in Shining Armor,
Dream Boy and my Mr. Right.
I grew up having him as my best friend, my adviser, my
protector and…. My boyfriend, well, he didn’t know that,
but in my mind, he was. We even got married in my
dreams and lived happily ever-after, in a castle,
surrounded with infinite love, peace and happiness.
Yeah, I was crazy, so crazy in love. I loved him for
years and I was determined to have him as my
boyfriend, and eventually, my future husband. I wanted
him to be my first in everything: first kiss, first love, first
boyfriend and my first sexual encounter.
But Joseph thought of me as his little sister, who used
to tag along behind him, wherever he went. He was an
only child, and having me with him always, made him
feel like an older brother. That’s what he said all the
time, maybe because of our five year age gap. But I
wished we wouldn’t remain in sibling zone, forever.
The last time we saw each other, was not worth
reminiscing. It was very humiliating, on my part. It
happened two years ago, I was eighteen and just
graduated high school. Dad’s health condition was
getting worse at that time and his body didn’t respond
to the medical treatment anymore. We lost everything,
our car, savings, including our house. We were just
fortunate that the new house owner allowed us to stay
for two weeks to find a new place to settle down. I was
so miserable, but I was trying to be strong, for my
family, especially for Dad. I wanted him to fight for his
life and not to lose hope.
Joseph was there to comfort me. He taught me how to
be strong, to be brave and trust everything to God.
Since he was, a nurse, he explained to me the nature of
dad’s disease, the symptoms, the disease process,
medical procedure performed, the medications, and
everything that I didn’t understand.
We were sitting on the couch, talking, mostly about dad.
His arms were around me and his fingers ran through
the silkiness of my ginger hair. He loved my hair and
never failed to touch it every time we were together.
That’s why, ‘Ginger’ had always been his pet name for
I settled in his warm embrace and rested my head on
his chest. It felt like coming home, every time, I was in
his arms. I listened to his heart, it pounded evenly, in a
normal rhythm, like music. But mine was hammering
wildly. I smelled his manly scent, hmm, so divine. Then,
I touched his strong arms and feasted my eyes on his
attractive face. Everything about him enthralled me and
drugging my senses. The tingling in the pit of my
stomach wouldn’t stop whenever I was with him.

The girl he never notice part 2


“You don’t love someone because they’re perfect, you
love them in spite of the fact that they’re not.” ― Jodi
Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper
Eros’ POV
“Hi. Um… I’m Gretchen.” The girl who wore black
miniskirt and gray shirt with a plunging neckline
giggled. Her eyes were flirtatious, batting her thick false
eyelashes at me.
“I’m Summer.” The other girl flashed her even white
teeth. Her bright red lipstick made her lips popped out.
“Yes?” Donovan frowned, asking the girls what they
“Um… would you mind, if we join you?”
Donovan looked around, checking for a vacant table. He
cleared his throat and smiled at them. “There are still a
lot of vacant tables around.”
Both girls flushed and then giggled, eyeing at me.
“Actually, um… we just want to introduce ourselves.”
The girl called Summer, swayed her hips and bent a
little to flaunt her cup DD breast size.
“Ok. I’m Bond. James Bond.” I heard Donovan
introduce himself. I was amused, my eyebrows rose at
him. I was still on the phone, giving instructions to my
executive secretary.
The two girls lifted their eyebrows, and then shrugged
their shoulders.
“Um… what’s his name?” One girl pointed her forefinger
at me.
“Stark. Tony Stark.”
I almost choked on my coffee when I heard him say
Iron Man’s name.
“Your’re kidding, right? He couldn’t be Iron man.”
“Whatever.” The girl with a red lipstick looked at me
with puppy eyes.
“Um… we’re wondering if you could hang out with us
later. Go to the mall, watch a movie, and then go to a
bar or something.”
“We’re very busy, girls. We have a lot of work to do. We
don’t have the time for that.” I heard Donovan rejected
their offer lightly.
“Ohh…. That’s so boring.”
“Ya, and very lame excuse. I’m sure, your boss
wouldn’t mind.” The other girl stomped her feet
I had enough with them. I turned off my phone and
faced the girl who stomped her feet. “Awww, it’s so cute
when you try to talk about things you don’t understand.
I bet the smartest thing that have ever come out of your
mouth was a pe*is.”
The girls glared at me and then looked at each other’s
eyes. It took them a while to register that I insulted
them. With furious eyes, they stormed out of the coffee
Donovan Grant, who was more than just my personal
driver and bodyguard, drove my Bugatti Veyron this
morning. I had a hangover. I drank too much alcohol
last night. I attended a friend’s birthday party. The
crowd was full of socialites and celebrities. It was rather
wild. Damn it! I even brought a girl in my apartment.
Not just any girl, but the famous model, Kendra Packer.
I usually dated a girl thrice before bringing her in my
apartment. But last night, when Kendra Packer was
introduced to me, she wouldn’t leave my side. She was
clutching my arm all the time. I didn’t have a reason to
complain, because she was smoking’ hot and gorgeous.
Every man in the party wanted her. And she knew her
prowess to attract every single man that was why she
was very confident that she could have me.
She was marvelous in bed, an expert in every position. I
was shocked how she often brought me to the edge of
ecstasy. She knew how to turn a man on, the pleasure
points that drove a man crazy. Damn! How did she learn
all of that?

The girl he never notice part 1

1.) I DO NOT ALLOW TRANSLATIONS of this story in
any language or dialect, even the credits are all mine.
3.) This book is a work of fiction. All names,
characters, locations, and incidents are products of the
author’s imagination, or have been used fictitiously.
Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead,
locales, or events is entirely coincidental.
of this book in any form or by any means – including
but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying,
recording, or otherwise – without the permission of the
support of the author’s rights is appreciated.
5.) Please let me know immediately if you know anyone
copying this story or posting it in any website.
By:  Neilani alejandrino a.k.a. sweetdreamer33
All Rights Reserved
October 2, 2014
By: sweetdreamer33
Meet Jade.
The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big
eyeglasses, braces and old-fashioned clothes. Everyone
thought that she was a weirdo, a nerd or a girl
resurrected from the past. She was used to be the
laughing stock of everyone.
But who was really Jade Collins? Why did she hide her
real outer beauty? What happened when her boss, the
great Eros Petrakis, finally noticed her? Could she tame
the beast inside him?
Meet Eros.
The man who had everything in life. Devilishly
handsome, very powerful, brilliant, extremely rich, and
had a body that women loved to worship. But, despite
all that positive attributes, he was also very ruthless,
tyrant, cold and heartless.  He was his colleagues’ and
enemies’ worst nightmare. They thought his name was
another four-letter word of EVIL. He never smiled; never
said ‘please’ and never apologized for his mistakes. His
employees feared him most. He fired them in just a
snap of his fingers.
What made him finally noticed Jade? How would he
react when he sees the woman behind the big black wig
and dark-rimmed eyeglasses?
Enjoy reading the story of Eros and Jade in ‘THE GIRL
HE NEVER NOTICED.’ Join them in their journey in
facing their trials in life, overcoming the shadows of
their pasts, and finally finding love and happiness.
Be inspired in their story. Laugh, Cry, Giggle and Feel
in Love with them.
Here’s a quote that captivated my attention from
Pinterest, I just want to share this to you all:
“I always find beauty in things that are odd and
imperfect – they are much more interesting.” — Marc
Well, I’m not saying that Jade is odd. But I would love a
man who will love a girl not because of her outer
beauty, but because of her heart — her inner beauty.

– kindly put your playlist here –
“The beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears,
the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her
hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart, the place
where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected
in her soul. It’s the caring that she lovingly gives the
passion that she shows & the beauty of a woman only
grows with passing years.” — Audrey Hepburn
Jade’s POV
“Good morning, Mrs. Chang. Did you sleep well last
night?” I greeted my employer happily, Mrs. Grace
Chang, a 65 year-old widow. I was concerned because
she often had severe headaches and couldn’t sleep well
at night.
Mrs. Chang owned the small Coffee shop, in Manhattan,
New York, where I got my family’s bread and butter. I
worked from eight a.m. till eight p.m. Monday to Friday
as a cashier.
The place was understaff, so I often worked all around.
I did the waitressing, coffee preparation, and sometimes
cleaning the place after work. I couldn’t complain, since
Mrs. Chang was paying me well. Actually, not so well,
but enough for my family to eat a decent meal every
day and pay off the bills.
“Hi Jade, yes, I did. The pain reliever I took last night
finally worked.” She smiled adoringly at me.
“That’s good. What did the doctor say?” I asked while
putting my worn-out leather bag and old knitted coat
inside a closet, and then I adjusted my black wig and
took off my eyeglasses, to clean the lenses.
“It’s just a migraine, nothing serious.”
I was relieved that finally she listened to me. I told her
several times to seek medical attention, but she
wouldn’t. She had a phobia of hospitals, medical
clinics, syringes and doctors. She probably had a
traumatic experience when she was a kid.
“George’s wife had a normal delivery last night.”
“Really? I’m so happy for them, after five years of
trying, they finally have a baby. It’s a girl, right?” I
instantly became so excited for George, the barista.
“Yes, it is. Anyway, he can’t report today. Could you fill
in his place?”
OH. That would mean doing two jobs at the same time.
“Okay, no problem about that Mrs. Chang. I can
manage.” I smiled at her assuredly and fixed my
crumpled brown floral vintage dress. Actually, it was my
favorite dress and loved wearing it often. It belonged to
my grandmother, as well as most of the dresses in my
It was already eight o’clock, and time for the Coffee
Shop to open. I wondered why the other employees,
Suzanne and Kurt hadn’t arrived yet. Suzanne was the
waitress, who took the order and served the food. Kurt
cleaned the tables, the floor and the bathroom.
Recently, I found out that Suzanne and Kurt were
lovers. I caught them making out inside the bathroom.
They forgot to lock the door.
“You retard! Don’t tell Mrs. Chang about this or I’m
going to break your bones.” Kurt threatened me. He
even twisted my arm behind my back. A tear suddenly
fell on my cheek because of the burning pain.
“I won’t, I promise. Let me go, please.” I pleaded and
finally he let go of my arm.
“Good. Remember that.” His eyes were glaring at me
I rubbed my arm, it was so sore and my flesh turned
“Now, go, ugly monkey. You’re not wanted here.”
Suzanne laughed and pushed me out of the bathroom.

Step brothers part2

I went straight home after school, I had to take a
bus and guess my way here because Derek never
showed up to take me home. I guess he was stuck at
football practice or something. I would have waited but
I’m packed with homework already. And I need to do
good in school otherwise I’d end up a hobo.
I opened our bedroom door and sighed, the room
was a mess again. I guess now I know what it’s like
living with a guy. I hope I’m not messy, I usually don’t
notice it. I began to pick up Dereks’ clothes and threw
them in his clothes hamper. I probably shouldn’t touch
his things but I feel like I need to clean this room if I’m
going to be living in it for a while.
I grabbed all the CD’s next to his xbox and piled
them up under the T.V. I made his bed, I made mine. I
threw away all the trash. It felt like home already. My
mom usually makes me clean everything so I’m used to
I laid on my bed and opened my book and started
to do my homework. There was nothing worse than
learning another country’s history. I hate American
history. I hated Italian history, I hated all kinds of
history. But it was an easy class. I just have to read and
answer questions.
One hour passed and I had written two and a half
pages full of questions and answers. And there was
more. I was getting kind of hungry, I should have eaten
lunch today. I’ll remember next time.
I only had American history homework, and I
should probably start that project I got in biology. But I
have to do it with Nicole and I’m not sure if she would
be allowed to come here. I’d have to ask my mom or
I rushed the homework and finished in about two
hours, I had a few things around me to distract me in
the quiet times. I feel alone in this house, everyone is
out, mom is working, Steve is working, Derek is I don’t
know where, and Molly is probably at her grandma’s
I hope it doesn’t feel like this at all times, alone.
I’d have to get a job just to keep myself company,
and more friends. It seems easy to make friends if
you’re nice and kind to people. Not too kind though,
sometimes I feel like too kind is sometimes creepy. I
sighed as I got up from my bed and took my phone. It
was vibrating. I checked the caller I.D. it was mom.
“Hello?” I said bringing the phone up to my ear.
“Hey sweetie, how is everything?” I could hear her
typing on a keyboard. She types loudly.
“It’s all fine.”
“How was your first day?” She was sounding too
busy to even care for what my answer was.
“It was fine mom. I got homework on my first day,
but it’s all done now. And I have a friend.”
“That’s great baby, listen. I just wanted to make
sure you were okay and I will see you tonight. If you get
hungry just make yourself food or you can walk a few
blocks because there are a few fast food restaurants.
Love you.”
“I love y—” She hung up.
I threw the phone on my bed and I walked around
the room. I should probably explore the house a little bit
more. I haven’t seen much except the bathroom, the
living room and this room. Obviously.

Step brothers part 1

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(Also, this story is very old. It contains grammar errors
and many other unreadable material. You may stop
reading when ever you’d like, but know I am not going
to edit this book. I am aware of all the flaws, but I do
not have the time to re-write every sentence. This story
was for fun, do not take it so serious. That being said,
after many years I have finally decided to upload a
sequel, which is why many of you new readers are
seeing this story. I wrote this story when I was in a
very immature place but the new sequel will definitely
reflect the kind of writer I am now. Happy reading!)
I wonder what’s worse than moving to a whole new
world; A country, a town, a home, a family. What
happens if you are taken from your home that you have
lived in since the day you were born. It’s madness. You
spend your live around the ones you love. You always
see them down the street and you know where they are
at every minute of everyday. This is my life, In Italy.
And now it’s being torn to pieces as I’m forced to
leave the country with my mom. And not just to leave
the country but to start a new life. This summer
vacation I had spent was entirely based on family. I
lived with my dad for these two months and during that
time my mom met a man who she fell in love with. Yes,
my parent’s are divorced. They divorced when I was five
years old. I don’t think it ever affected me because I
always saw them. Italians are big with families so I
never really saw them apart. They just weren’t together
   But my mom is different from all Italians, she wants
to be different. She is different. She works at a huge
company that many are aware of, Google. She has
studied computers ever since I could remember. This
has led to us to live a good life and not worry where to
get our money from but it is difficult for me.
During the time that she is away, which has been a lot
lately, I suffer greatly because my mom is everything to
me. I love her dearly. And without her I can’t be happy. I
guess you can say I’m a momma’s boy. I have all the
right reasons to be.
So my mom one day called me. I can remember the
excitement building up in her tone as she told me the
good news. She was transferred thanks to the man she
fell in love with. They both worked for Google and he
wanted a better life for her. Because unfortunately she
was the only one taking care of me. All by herself.
My mom received a new job in America, right with her
new boyfriend and soon to be husband. They were
happy, but take a look at my face and you’ll see misery.
Just like every kid that watches their mom marry
someone else other than their biological dad, it’s
dreadful. Of course I’m not going to like this guy. He is
the reason I was being kidnapped. Not literally but I
wish. That way I had some legal excuse of turning them
in, then I can go back to Italy.
But I can’t do anything until I turn 18 and become a
legal adult. Then my mom can’t make me stay. Sadly
that’s two years away, and until then I guess I have to
   “Leo.” My mom snapped.
“Yes, Jenny?” I replied by using her first name.
“Don’t make me slap you. You can’t stay quiet
   It’s true. I can’t be quiet forever but I can sure as hell
try. Ignoring my mom is my best skill. It comes handy
in so many situations, like this one for instance. My
mom is the kind that think shes cool just because she
looks like she is still 18 years old.
“You’re going to like them.” She assured me.
“How can you be so sure? I’ve never even met them.”
“Because you were away for two months with your
   “So?” I looked at her. “I never asked to meet them




Passing out parade has come and gone, I will definitely miss my friends, my PPA, my environment in Ota, a lot of thoughts were running through my mind as I was packing and arranging my loads. I begin to ask myself, “after service year then what next?”.

I had tried to apply for jobs during my service year but I couldn’t get a befitting job. My friends that were born with a silver spoon had jobs waiting for them at home, “Which kind wahala be this?”, I picked my bag, board a bus to akure.

On getting home, my family and neighbours welcomed me, it was as if a white man came on a visit. People are asking me questions, some were greeting, some were asking for what I brought.

As days rolled by, I begin to search for what to do, I moved round the town to see if I could get a job somewhere. One day while I was passing by on the 3rd street, I saw a woman coming out of a mighty duplex, the house was painted white,.

She was pasting a notice on her gate as I was passing by. I moved closer to see the what she was pasting, and on it I saw “A PRIVATE TEACHER wanted URGENTLY”. Chaiii, I ignored at first and moved on.

After walking about 8 steps, I stopped and think. ***** why I go refuse this job na?, dem be rich people ooo, so dem fit pay.*****, I stopped thinking, I went back the house, I knocked on the gate and the gateman ushered me in. The gateman took me to the door entrance, called out the woman and left.

ME: good afternoon ma

MADAM: good afternoon young man, how can I help you?

ME: I saw you pasting a notice the other time and I decided to apply.

MADAM: you mean the private tutor job?

ME: Yes

MADAM: hope u passed your WAEC? And how was the result?.

ME: *****smiled*****, yes man I do.

MADAM: but I will prefer a graduate because my first daughter wants to write jamb and post jamb, so a graduate will do better,

ME: *****i looked at myself and thought, “chaiiii, small stature na bad thing oooo, shey I no look like graduate ni?” ***** smiled, I’m a graduate ma.

MADAM: really? oooohh, pls I am so sorry for the embarrassment, so sorry please, u look very young, please come in please.

****she ushered me into the living room****

The interior of the room is a nice one, a colourful design and furnitures. I sat on the chair and she sat down opposite to me.

MADAM: I’m sorry for the other time

ME: it’s not a problem ma

MaDAM: which state are you from?

ME: edo

MADAM: how old are you.

ME: ****felt embarrassed*** 23

MADAM: 23? Then what age did you graduate?

ME: 21 Ma

MADAM: ***smiled*** u must be a genius, I like that. So let’s get to business. My first daughter Janet is 19, she failed her last JAMB attempt, so she is writing another one, so u will teach her physics, chemistry and math, less I forget. What’s your course?

ME: chemistry Ma

MADAM: then you should be able to do well then,

ME: ok ma,

***i looked at the photo on the wall directly in front of me, its of a very pretty young lady, she is fair and has a big burst. This must be Janet, “chaiiiii, omo see bobby****

MADAM: I also have a son, 12 in jss3, u will be teaching him mathematics.

Me: ok ma.

MADAM: ****called someone by the name**** “Mabel”. Mabel!!! , bring a bottle of coke for me with a glass cup

A young girl appeared from the kitchen, her dressing shows that
she must be the house maid. She is fair too but not up to Janet, she must be in her early 20′s I guess, she has this local inbuilt beauty, a nice dimple and an average sized bosoms. She served the coke and turned back. Chaiiiiiiii, omo see a$$$$$$.

It’s that type of Mercy Johnson’s. I sipped the coke and continue the discussion.

MADAM: that is my house maid, no tempt her with your fine boy look oooooo,

ME: ok ma.

Madam: just kidding. So how much are you charging me?

ME: *****thought for a while, viewed the look of the house, the cars I saw outside***** 30k ma.

MADAM: heeeeeeeee, when I’m not employing you to train her for cambridge. I will pay you 20k per month for the 2 children.

ME: ok ma

MADAM: let me give you a little rule. Don’t go beyond academics with my daughter, I think you understand what I meant?. If you do, I will send hired killer to kill you

ME: ok ma, ****so this woman is only concerned about her daughter’s yansh, what about Mabel?****. Sorry ma, can I ask a question?

Madam: go ahead.

ME: please are the children around?! I want to introduce myself to them ****for my mind, I wan see how Janet looks like in reality****.

MADAM: Janet went to a friend’s birthday party; Eric my son is sleeping inside. Maybe when you resume lesson, you will know them

ME: thanks ma. One more thing please, I wish to meet daddy too.

MADAM: ***laughs*** daddy is not in Nigeria.

Me: ok ma, let me take my leave, I will resume on Monday.

I exchanged number with madam, stood up and about to leave when Mabel came out to pick the bottle. She looked into my eyes and released a cute smile, her dimple made a hole. I smiled back at her too. I dashed out of the compound. As I stood infront of the gate, a cab dropped a young girl infront the house. I recognised the face as the same thing I saw on the picture, this must be Janet. I said to her “HI”. She just ignored, passed by and knock on the gate which the gateman later opened. I said to myself. Chaiiiii, why this girl come rude and dey

To be continue…..*



Over the weekend, I had a fresh haircut, a fresh perfume, a new 3 packs of shirt all ahead of my new job. I relocated to my own apartment in Akure where I used to live before I left for service.

Finally, its Monday, I went straight to my new job at 10am.
“Ko ko ko”, I knocked on the gate, the gateman opened, looked at me.

He recognised me. Madam no dey around, “he replied” but madam say make Aunty Janet attend to you, aunty Janet dey inside.

I entered into the compound. Knock on the main door.

“Ko ko ko”.

Who is that? a voice answered from inside.

It’s me David, I replied. She opened the door and stood at the entrance.

***Chaiiiiii, Janet was wearing a black round neck top, the Tips were pointing out, I guess she isn’t wearing a bra, she wore a micro mini skirt, she has an average height with a yam leg*****

JANET: ****i guess she can’t recognise seeing me days back, well its normal sha, girls don’t recollect seeing guys but guy can always recollect seeing a lady at 12 midnight.****, who are u looking for?

ME: I am the new private teacher. Mummy told me to resume today.

JANET:, ****still not smiling**** really?, come in and have your seat……. Mabel!!!!!!!, where is this?, she screamed.
***i thought in mind, this girl must be mean, see the wey she dey scream on this poor girl.***

Mabel came out, she saw me sitting, she smiled at me and said “Hello sir”, I smiled back and said “hi”. Janet frowned at her and shouted at her, “pick this cup and get out of here”. Mabel left and Janet turned to me. I looked at her again and can’t believe she is 19. Her body shape looks 24.

She is robust like “akebaje”. She sat down on the other chair, she smiled a little.

JANET: I’m sorry pls, that is just lazy, if I don’t shout at her, she will never work. So what is your name again?

ME: David

JANET: ok, mummy already informed I and my brother that you will be coming around to tutor us. So let’s talk

ME: ok

JANET: I hope you will tutor well because you will be the 4th teacher to be employed this year, they all are not good at teaching, and when I notice that you are not good, I will report you to mum and you will be fired.

ME: ***my heart skip beats***, I am a good and born teacher, I will try my best.

JANET: better. So let’s discuss the time table. Mummy said 5 times a week but I want it 3 or 4 times. And mummy must not know about this. Understand?

ME: ****no wonder you no pass jamb, lazy girl****. Ok, I replied

JANET: so what time and day will be ok for you?

ME: any day and time you fix is ok

JANET: anyday and time? I thought you teach at a school? Or don’t you work elsewhere?

ME: ***chaiiiiiiii, this girl is rude oooo, see as she dey question me****, I used to teach when I served. I just passed out and still job hunting.

JANET: ***raised eye brow*** so you are a graduate?, you have served?, waaooooooh, I was thinking you are an NCE holder or school cert. That is interesting. She smiled.

ME: ***chaiii, see as my small stature dey embarrass me***. So what time will u prefer?

JANET: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You will come at 2pm, teach me till 4pm when Eric will be back from school.

Then start with Eric from 4:30 to 6pm. Is that ok by you.

ME: it’s ok. So can we start today?

JANET: no problem, will you wait behind? Or come back by 2pm?

ME: ***thought***, I think I will come back. But where is mummy

JANET: don’t you know she will be at work? She is a banker and won’t be back untill 6:30pm or 7pm.

ME: ***chaiii, this girl is naturally rude***, ok Janet, I will be back by 2pm.

JANET: wait, let me have your number just incase” Mabel!!!!!!!!!!!, bring my phone for me on my bed” she screamed.
Mabel came with the phone. Janet collected it from Mabel while Mabel is still standing there. She smiled at me again.

JANET: call your number

ME: 0806323********

JANET: saved, ****she flashed my number****

ME: I got it, let me be on my way, I will be back by 2pm.

She returned the phone to Mabel to return, I left the compound, walked out to the gate. Just as I was outsited the gate, my phone ranged. I looked at the screen, it was an unknown number. I picked

ME: hello, who is this?

CALLER: it’s me Mabel, that is my number, save it. I will call you later, bye. ***hanged up***

I got home wondering, what does Mabel wants from me?. She must have memorised my number while I was calling it to Janet.
***fast forward***.

Its 1:30pm, I left my house and set out for my teaching job. I arrived at the white house, knocked on the gate and the gateman ushered me in. I went straight to the main door entrance. A heavy sound of. “I fit die ontop your matter” was coming out of the room that no one could hear me knocking. Then I remembered I have Janet’s number. I called her and no one picked. I called Mabel that I’m outside,. A minute later, the door was opened. I entered and met Janet in a pink top and a bump short. She was sweating, then I guess she must have been dancing.

ME: hi Jane, I’m here for the classes,

JANET: “eeeehhmmm David” did I get it right?

ME: yes

JANET: see I’m tired oooo. I’m not sure I will do classes today. I have been dancing since. If not for Mabel who told me that it seems someone is knocking, I wouldn’t have known you are outside

ME: ****chaii, omo see sense, this Mabel wise oooo****. Ok Jane, so what will happen now.

JANET: maybe you should wait for Eric to be back from school. Then you should teach him.

ME: ok

JANET: what should I offer you?

ME: ****why dis girl dey act nice this time na?****. I’m ok for now,

I waited for Eric and I thought him mathematics. I continued the classes since that day. Janet will skip lessons most times and I dare not tell mummy. Mabel will sneak to call me. She said Aunty Janet and mummy must not catch her. Most times, we will do midnight call, we do talk about everything except sex. I guess she doesn’t want to bring it up and I wasn’t interested neither. I would still prefer Janet to Mabel any day. Until one day when Mabel said she wants to tell me something.

ME: hello Mabel, u said you wanted to tell me something.

MABEL: please I need your help. I don’t know if you will help me,

ME: just say it first.

MABEL:. I wanted a service that I can’t afford to pay for

ME: what service dear?

MABEL: I’m shy to say it.

ME: just say it dear

Mabel: emmmmm ehhmmmm eeehhmmm. You see, I dropped out at JSS2. I have passion to go to school but my parents don’t have the capacity. A sister who brought me to Akure from Ilorin
promised my parents to send me to school. Only to end up renting me out madam when we reach Akure. I still want education

ME: you mean you want to go back to school?

MABEL: not really

ME: so what do you want?

MABEL: I want you to be teaching me lesson but I don’t have money to pay.

ME: that’s not a problem Mabel. Whenever I come next, I will be teaching you when I’m through with Janet and Eric

MABEL: no oooo, mummy and aunty Janet will not support it, they hate me so much, infact, they might send me out of the house.

ME: so what do you want us to do?

MABEL: I will be coming to your house

ME: *****my heart skipped beat*****. When and how?

Mabel: I used to go to market to buy house needs every 5 days. I can spend like 2hrs at your place before going to market. And also on Friday nights, everyone used to go to vigil and I am always the only one at home with the gateman, I can always come around… Abi ur wife will not support it?

ME: looolz, wife kee?, I have not married, and I’m not in any relationship for now.

MABEL: you mean you don’t have any girlfriend?

ME: yes

Mabel: thank God oooo, no one will say I want to use classes to snatch her boyfriend.

After the conversation, I was wondering how midnite classes will look like. Chaiiii, Mabel no go kill me ooooooooooo….

To be continue…..