The trip back to Zambia was a silent one. We hardly spoke to each other but for the essentials. I was struggling amidst mixed feelings of what I had encountered and the tragedy that was befalling the family in my Parents in-laws accident. “Yes, Buggy owns that cabin.” Vincent said long after we had boarded. “Like I told you before, we’re family.” I didn’t say anything. I adjusted my ear plugs but Vincent knew better that I’d surely hear him if he talked and continued. “I know you are bothered by the things you saw, you should have steered clear of all obscurities.” He shook his head. “You should never have entered
that room.” When he realised I was never going to reply him, he gave up and cuddled to sleep.
As soon as we arrived Ndola, we went straight to see them at the hospital. On arrival, my father in-law had passed and my mother in-law was dealing with a High Blood Pressure. Two days later, she joined her husband.
Vincent cried uncontrollably and lost his manly poise. It took another two weeks to get him to feed well and
all that time he was easily irritable. He yelled at me at every little thing and threw tantrums all the time. We buried them and his family didn’t have issues with sharing the properties. Vincent was left with the company he was managing in addition to so many other landed properties littered around Ndola. On this fateful day, I had just left the internet after realising Paul had set up a pharmaceutical
company for Nelly as a welcome for their first child which happened to be a boy also. I didn’t like the sound of that. I had left the internet out of frustration, determined to engage Vincent as soon as he returned. I was tired of staying at home and playing the role of a sex toy. Vincent returned from work and brushed past me into the bedroom. I joined him there and tried to keep low on conversations. I didn’t want to bug him. “How was your day?” I asked him leaning against the
wall as he undressed.
“I’m tired of coming home and hearing recite the
same thing everyday…” He mumbled and stopped
midway through the sentence. “What did you say?” “I’m sure you heard me.” “Well I had thought about it and decided we’d be talking about that over dinner. But since you brought it up…I don’t have a choice but to talk about it now.” “I see. I will as well one day remind you to breathe. You can’t for once be useful to yourself besides flooding the internet with every breath you take as if you can pay for a thing in your life.”
“What’s this all about? If somehow you were
frustrated at the office then be a man and let
whatever happened in Vegas remain in Vegas. Stop bringing your frustration home.” My tone had increased involuntarily. “You’re shouting at me right? Fine, let’s have a chat.” He sat at the edge of the bed. “What can you do?” I cleared my throat and told him I was a graduate and would love to practise. I told him I wanted a pharmaceutical company. After I relayed it all to him, he was smirking with indignation. “You’re such a joke. I was always right that you’re good at nothing.” He stood and started for the bathroom.
I was left fuming at his reaction and pouring it all on the pillows. I kicked and punched but the fury never left one bit. He left the bathroom tying a towel around his waist. I clenched my fist and bit my lower lip to control my
temper. “So what are you saying?” “About what?” He asked expressionless.
“About the proposal I just made?” I patiently answered. “Now get it into your skull.” He said with furrowed brows and a tightened jaw. “You are nothing but a scumbag. You are a no good daughter of a frugal
asslicking gold-digger. Hey, wait before you say
anything… You worth nothing more than mere sex toy, you’re only good for sex and that is why and only why you’re still here.”
“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “Did you just say that to
me?” “If you want me to write a thesis about it, I’ll write a hundred pages. You are just a bag of I’ll luck. Ever since I met you it’s been one I’ll luck or the other. My business has been dwindling and finally it’s on a steep decline. Then again I lost my parents at the
same time. You’re just an omen.” “Excuse me, are you blaming me for your parents’ demise?”
“Who else Nomsa? Who else if not you?” He yelled into my face. “Do you know what?” I started to say, “I used to think you were just a beast but you’re just a product of
frustration.” I was barely done when stars flew from my eyes and the force of his slamming hand on the side of my head sent me crashing into the bedside cabinet. I struggled to find my footing but he was there already to drag me up. He landed another one that sent me crashing into the mirror and shattering it. He was yelling abusive words and curses as he
battered me. When I stole a glimpse of his face in
the chaos, I could only liken it to a beast, an angry
and hungry beast out for a kill. I was not only the
prey but the threat, the death was glaring that
awaited me. “I’ll show you exactly what you’re good at.” He raged and locked the door before I could get there. I tried to scream but he grabbed me by the throat and choked me, shoving me hard on the bed. With a brisk movement, he used the bedside table as a ladder to the ceiling and pushed it a bit, that part of the ceiling gave way. I never knew there was such in our room. He pulled out a rolled up twine rope and a whip. “I’m going to show you a exactly what you are built for and how.” I knew he was coming to tie me up and tried to
wrestle with him but his punches weakened me. He turned me around and tied my hands to the bed
posts. For the first time, I understand that our
matrimonial bedroom was a cursed apparatus. Every
decor was an instrument for bondage and slavery. I
was married to a sadist.
In a short time, he had expertly tied me up to a
position where my legs were crisscrossed behind my head and my hands wide apart. My crotch was bared in the open space and my breasts in between my thighs. He played deaf to my soft moans from pain and my pleas never permeated him. Still dry in my private part, he began to enter me, thrusting
rapidly. I cried but he never cared to listen. Each time I put up a struggle, he whipped me with whip and
spat on me. He rode me like that, alternating between my two private parts. When he withdrew for the third round, he sat the edge of the bed, looking horrific. He tried to speak but hesitated and left with his phone, he returned with water and some apples. “You know what? Yes you were lucky to miss out at the cabin. It was going to be a party before the news about my parents. But it’s not over yet. All you are good for is to fuck. I met you on this
premise, fuck fuck fuck. The first time we met, fuck. You came again, fuck, we chatted, fuck, I proposed to you while fucking… It’s all fuck fuck fuck. So just get it. You are only for fuck. And in the family, we share.” We had a knock downstairs and he went to get it. When he returned, I noticed he had company. Following him, were footfalls I thought were too many to count.
Buggy and his cohort were all in my matrimonial




Buggy was in company of three other guys. I couldn’t place their faces, if they were present at my post wedding party or not. They each gave me a wry smile. I knew my life would be over very soon. Vincent should have just killed me
and buried me, instead of making me go through the
pain of gang rape. I knew he called them to have a taste of me. Something Vincent told me that after they have all had sex with me in his presence, I would be welcomed
into his family. “What nonsense family is that, Vincent? You all are very sick! Come and untie me from here!” I screamed
with the little strength in me. Vincent didn’t care. “Don’t make things worse.” He said. I started crying. “Vincent please don’t do this to me.” I pleaded.
Vincent turned a deaf ear, took a bite of an apple and
offered some to his friends. “Oh God, I promise, if this cup should pass me by, I will never ever have anything to do with Vincent. Please Lord, save my life.” I said a silent prayer. As I was lost in thought, I never noticed that Buggy had already undressed and began stroking his disfigured penis with cap like crushed snake head. He was uncircumcised. He started approaching me with an apple. He offered
me a bite, of which I shook my head and turned it away but that infuriated him, just like Vincent. He then threw away the Apple in anger and quickly rushed to our wardrobe, brought out a lubricant and poured it all over my body. He leaned over me and started french kissing me. He spread my legs wide open and ate my private part like a wild lion hungry for a prey. Yes I was buggy’s prey. Each lick felt like I was gnawed by a carnivore. Something that would have been a pleasure was a nightmare to me. Of all people, it was the scary Buggy. My vagina was very sore and painful. Buggy continued
to lick my exposed vulva and anus. He even tongue
fucked my anus. He was dirty and horrible and scary like that. With the little strength in me, I begged Vincent to tell
Buggy to let go of me. I begged him with everything he held dear to him. But he came closer to me and whispered, “You just have to grin and bear him fuck you. If only you knew how lovely it is to behold. I cried and reminded Vincent how happy we were the first time I came here. While I cried and begged Vincent, Buggy didn’t even care. He was still busy licking my anus like it was best part of a meal. Then he proceeded to licking my body like the dog he was.
Vincent wasn’t moved one bit, even when suddenly,
Buggy whipped me so hard! I let out a loud cry. He moaned softly as he grabbed my breast like a hungry infant. Buggy sucked my breast so hard, that I screamed in pain.
It seemed he derived joy when I screamed, because
the way he shook when I screamed like a convulsing baby. He was sexually gratified when I screamed. That was his climax, his orgasm, so weird how he did it. I was tired of crying and screaming in pains. I was
already loosing my last strength when one of the guys brought out a drug already in a syringe from a box. With the little strength in me, i pleaded to know what they were about to inject into me. He just whispered that I should Calm down, and the whole process would be painless. I begged for my life like they owned it. Of course they really owned my life. After I was injected with the content in the syringe, I passed out….
Few hours later, I woke up and found out that I had
been untied and wrapped under a blanket. I tried to
get up but I had pains all over my body. I had no
friend to call for help. The sound of music blared
from the speakers in the sitting room. Then I stretched out my hand to unplug my phone from the socket. As I unlocked it, I saw 20 missed calls from my mum and younger sister. Then a message popped up. It was from my younger sister, telling me that she would love to visit before going back to school. I quickly replied her text, not to come as Vincent and I had gone for a business trip. I couldn’t allow my younger sister visit me in my husband’s house. Who knows? Vincent could rape her in my presence or
his cohort could gang rape her and make me watch
my own younger sister suffer like me. I shook my head and immediately my head ached. It felt like I was hit by a train. While I was in the midst of my thoughts, I heard a
raucous laughter coming from the sitting room. I
recognised it to be Vincent and his friends. It was obvious they were still very much around.
I planned on escaping, otherwise, who knew what they would do to me once they realised I was awake? I gathered the little strength in me, picked my purse that had my ATM cards in them and a little money in case of necessity. I tiptoed towards the back door with my slippers held
towards my chest, my phone and my purse held tight under my arms as I made my way towards the back door, praying silently and earnestly not to be caught. I had to help my self even with the soreness of my body and Vagina which had already affected my gate, I didn’t care. All on my mind was to be out of that hell of a house. I looked like a mad woman, my hair was scattered like someone who had just fought. There was no time for makeup as making up never crossed my mind in the first place. How would one
running for safety think of makeup? I thought. I succeeded in my prison and headed straight to a
pharmacy to get some drugs for myself. After getting the medications, I felt dizzy and began staggering out of the pharmacy, mindless of the prying stares from other customers. It was difficult finding my next footing after another. I hadn’t had time to take the drugs I bought when I lost my footing and fell with a
thud just before the glass doors held a jar by the



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