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STORY* =Dangerous Addiction [Episode 2] –


STORY* =Dangerous Addiction [Episode 2]


I had wanted to be alone with Ifueko’s boss Chief Ogochukwu Muoka for the longest time, he was always a mystery to me and Ifueko refused to talk about him when I asked.
I always thought he was in some kind of cult the way she kept mute anytime his name was mentioned. I knew even if Ifueko did not mention it that she was fucking him, sometimes she would come to mine with marks on her body looking like a new day and I knew where she would be coming from.
You see, my name is Ifechukwudelu Obiadi and I am a virgin but this is by choice mind you, I have had series of boyfriends but they were never really patient enough to wait with me so they always ended up cheating. I didn’t feel too bad, I have never been in love with any of them so it was good riddance to bad rubbish.
Ifueko and I were not exclusive we were however known by all as very close friends – sisters even, no one except my brother and sister knew what really went on between Ifueko and I and they know because we are friends. The kind of friends that tell each other everything.
Fast forward to my meeting with Ifueko’s boss – he is an Oil magnate, owner of one of the most successful oil companies in Africa and a very powerful man at just 38 years old. He is also the sexiest man alive and I have had a crush on him for years now, but from intimate research he is also a controlling asshole and not the type of man my parents would want me to bring home.
As I walked in to the plush waiting room where he received guests I could already perceive his scent which indicated that he had just come in, my tummy was clenching and I had no idea why, the minute I walked in, his happy-go-lucky secretary buzzed me in.

He was staring at me intently as I sat down across him and began to make small talk, I blocked him out because I was more interested in the way his lips moved and how he licked his bottom lip at intervals. Did he know he did that?
“Ifechi” I heard him calling me in his firm business tone, I must have blanked out.
“Yes” I replied, I had never used Sir when responding to him and I would not start now.
“What are you doing with yourself these days”? he must have asked before because he looked slightly annoyed at having to repeat himself.
“Oh, I work at an IT company, I am a specialist at Optimum Teknologies” I saw the faint recognition flit across his face. he stood up then and headed to his decanter where he housed drinks and spirits of all kinds. I saw him pour two glasses,
“Care to join me?” he said in a voice that was sweet like honey.
“No thanks” I murmured, he smiled and raised an eyebrow challenging my response, I stood up slowly and took my time to join him, I sat down on the chaise lounge absent mindedly and took the drink he offered, downing it in one gulp. He was still nursing his and looking at me by the time the spirit started to take effect.
Slowly he walked up to me and bent over me, pushing my gently against the chaise, he placed his hands on my bare thighs and ran them up, pushing my silk wrap dress up at the same time.
When he got to my hips, he let his hands move over the material of my dress to caress my body, my temperature soared at his touch. How did I even get here and why was I letting him do this?
“You look so beautiful in Jade silk, Ifechukwu”, his hands circled my breasts, his thumb brushing over my nipples. I laid there dazed, hearing his words but not quite up to moving yet. I had to find my voice still,
“Why do you want me all of a sudden Ogochukwu, I have sought your attention for almost 3 years” He laid back down on me and put a kiss to my chest above my heart. He placed another kiss at my collarbone, then my neck just over my jugular. He was ignoring my question and I didn’t like it.
“Answer me” I said boldly, I knew for a fact that NO ONE talked to him like this and for a moment I shook with fear. He smiled at me and went back to licking my neck. I hated that my body was responding to him so, my pulse was quickening, he kissed his way up to my face, turned my head towards his, looked into my eyes and then lowered his head to kiss me.
I kissed him right back as he moved to unfasten the side zip of my dress, he moved the dress aside to expose my bra, pulling down the black lace, he swallowed my taut nipple, opening his eyes momentarily to look at mine. He beguiled my nipple, making things tight and moist below.
I started to come back to my senses but Ogochukwu had amplified the onslaught of pleasure. His right hand moved the lace of my briefs aside, his thumb teasing my pearl as his middle fingers slid inside me so that he was caressing me at all levels of pleasure.
“God Ifechi you are so wet” My body’s want overriding my brain which was screaming NO! his mouth returned to mine, his left hand taking over my right breast, one hand was on his head, the other resting on his shoulder blade, pulling him towards me.
I realized my hand was on skin, that at some point he’d removed his suit jacket and shirt – I hadn’t even seen it! my hands came to his chest to try to push him away, my body was finally starting to respond to my brain but I dint think he even noticed.
His fingers increased their pressure and speed, my back betraying me by arching from the building sensation. His mouth hot on mine, moved to my neck making me moan even more. Then he brought his mouth back to my breast, my hands were on his head again not resisting.
His right hand kept up its tempo while his left unzipped his pants and pulled his erection free. I could feel it against my thigh now, skin to skin. I’m not sure if it was how large it was, or the sound of lace ripping as he tore my underwear which brought me back to my senses. I pushed as hard as I could as he positioned himself to penetrate my opening.
“Please stop!” he looked perplexed
“I thought you wanted this, your reaction to me tells me you do”
“Not like this” I replied trying to adjust what was left of my clothing. He seized my wrists then pinned them up and from nowhere handcuffed them to the railing above us.
“What?!” I spluttered.
“Quiet down” he growled. I was in shock, he then took his pocket square from his suit pocket and tied it firmly around my head to cover my mouth. After he had reclaimed my mouth hard and fast, he got up from the chaise and stared at me with deep desire and a frown on his face, I struggled to no avail.
He breathed deeply but it failed to expand his muscled torso, it wasn’t your usual gym-created bulging, v-pack, no, Ogochukwu’s was the natural definition and musculature caused by heavy physical labour and activity. He was a glorious sight to behold even half – naked. Despite it all, I still felt a flash of the usual desire for him pass through me.
Just then Ifueko burst in with a stack of files and then her smile dropped along with the files she carried.
“What the hell Ogo! What the bloody hell do you think you are doing?” she shrieked. He was before her in a flash.
“Ifueko, tsk tsk” he said, his tone bellying slight disappointment as he adopted a relaxed soldier’s stance. I’d seen Ogochukwu calm, his hands in his pockets, his shoulders relaxed. This was not Ogochukwu at ease, Ifueko raised her eyes in defiance
“You promised not to touch her yet” what? What were they talking about?
“You have no right” she added insolently. I didn’t see Ogochukwu move but I heard Ifueko shriek, his right hand whipped out and grabbed her hair lifting her off her knees from the ground a centimeter.
“Right? I don’t have a right?!! You presume to tell me who I can take to my bed now? You have no claim over her either, she isn’t yours, no matter how much the both of you roll around in every bed available to you” he growled at the last. I was mortified, Ogochukwu knew about Ifueko and I? I was going to kill her! as she tried to reply, Ogochukwu thrust his left hand around to grip her throat, Ifueko’s eyes popped with fear, her hands gripping his left wrist trying to push him away.
I could hear her gasping for air, Ogochukwu held her there for no more than a minute, he stood still, gaining gratification at her discomfort. When he released her, she fell to the ground in a heap, gasping, her eyes glazed over, almost white, with want.
He seized his tie from where he threw it near where I laid and grabbed Ifueko fiercely. When he spoke, his voice was like the most beautiful song you have ever heard.
“Do you know until this day, I have never been refused” He was now glaring into my eyes,
“It annoyed me, it must be years since I have felt this way” Ifueko looked at me with despair, I did not understand what was going on. He turned her face to hold her stare,
“You know me Ifueko, darling, when I want something, I won’t take no for an answer, she was enjoying herself despite my past treatments of her” he smiled and it reached his brilliant eyes,
“She doesn’t want this” Ifueko had found her voice
“You’re losing control” She accused. Again, what didn’t I want? Why were they deciding my fate as though I weren’t even there?
He ignored her and instead tied her wrists together, tilting his head to where I laid tied and gagged he said
“I have been fighting to take her for years, you know that but I don’t know why I am so drawn to her” my pussy throbbed hard and fast at this revelation. Ifueko looked over at me again and I narrowed my eyes back at her. I would NOT be accepting her apology!
She seemed to know what I was thinking
“How long will you leave her like this”?
“Long enough” was his strained reply. With no time for Ifueko to protest, Ogochukwu swung his arm and slapped her ass hard enough to leave a hand print. He did this again and again, eliciting moans and cries from Ifueko.
Next thing I know, I find myself on a bed, Ifueko kissing me rapturously, her soft full lips, warm and gentle against mine.
My arms came up her back, her skin so velvety beneath my soft hands, her hands moved from my shoulders down the centre of my body, caressing my breasts. She then straddled my waist pressing herself against me. Her tongue probed my lips till they parted and let it dart into my mouth and then the kiss became more.

*STORY* =Dangerous Addiction [Episode 1]


Ifechi and Ifueko are friends who enjoy each other’s company. It’s been a while Ifueko has touched Ifueko because of her boyfriend but today is looking good.
I crawled back into bed and knelt between her legs as she lay on her stomach.
I heard the change in her breathing that indicated that she was waking, I bent and laid a kiss in the base of her spine, then one in every vertebrae all the way up her back to her neck. I kissed the birthmark on her neck and flicked my tongue over it then waited to watch her mouth lift with a smile lighting up her cat-like eyes and beautiful face.
“I’ve missed you Ifechi” Ifueko whispered seductively
“Stanley doesn’t let any of us see you anymore”
“Is that so?” I purred as I nibbled on her earlobe, I returned to her back, blanketing her with kisses as my hand slid between her legs rubbing gently all over her soft lips till she grew wet enough that they separated for my fingers of their own accord.
I slipped two fingers into her applying pressure to that spot on the back wall which built a deeper, heavier orgasm with the pad of my middle finger, while the knuckle of my index finger applied pressure to her g-spots. I started a slow massage while I continued kissing her back.
I felt her muscles tighten over my fingers and I placed my ring finger on her pearl so I could massage her in all three places at once.
“Ohhh Ifechi, you truly know how to wake me up with a smile” Ifueko moaned louder and buried her face into the pillow. I bit at her shoulder blade just below the two butterflies she had tattooed there in memory of her parents, and she bit into the pillow as she came.
When she relaxed again, I withdrew my hand and rolled her onto her back, kissing up her body all the way to her mouth, where we kissed very slowly and deeply, my long hair hanging loosely around us like a curtain.
When my throat began burning for oxygen, I pulled away making my way back down her body, her ample bosom pushed against mine, while I kissed and bit at her neck, our thighs rubbing against each other.
“Oh gosh Ifechi that feels so good!!!” she gasped as I took her nipple in my mouth, my hands began to wander her body, caressing every inch of her I could reach, teasing her, enjoying the shivers and shudders. I ran my hand ever so softly up the inside of her thigh without letting it pass the crease where her leg joined her torso.
My mouth and hands explored her body entirely but avoided the hot wet lips between her legs.
Every time I went near that area, Ifueko would manoeuvre her body so that my mouth or fingers would touch her there and she would groan with frustration at having to wait. Eventually I put her out of her misery, biting her inner thigh made her spread her legs at the sensation.
My tongue tickled her with the slightest touch over her moist lips and then licked through the middle, doing little scribbles with my tongue over her clit.
She moaned and pushed herself against me as I literally drew out the alphabet, ending it with concentric circles receiving a cat-like “purr” for my efforts.
My tongue delved into her, lapping the taste of her climax. Ifueko always smelled like the forest after rain and tasted like wild berries, but when she came it tasted like wild honey, so sweet, so intoxicating. I lapped it up, using my tongue to clean her till she tasted of nothing but berries again.
I sucked each one of her lips into my mouth, first together then separately and then I assaulted her pearl with my tongue and mouth, circling, kissing, sucking till her hands tangled in my hair pushing my head into her as her back arched and she went over the edge with pleasure.
I loved hearing Ifueko moan with want, to hold out on her and make her want more. My fingers found those places in her that drove her to ecstasy, and while my mouth ravaged her breasts another wave of pleasure took over her body.
I nibbled my way to her neck, using my free hand at her throat to turn her head, placing light kisses over her pulse and jugular. I picked up the pace with my hand again and when I felt her tightening, and getting ready to climax, I bit down at her throat, ringing her to the edge again, this time wordlessly, with my hand tight around her jugular so she could barely get oxygen.
I kissed her mouth immediately, our tongues wrestling with each other then she started to climax again, so I bit her lower lip harder than I intended to, drawing blood but that just made it more intense, we continued to devour each other.
Ifueko rolled us so I was on my back then she pinned my wrists while she kissed me hard and fast, dragging her nails down my arms and the side of my body. her mouth followed her hands down till she knelt between my legs, using her mouth to open me up for her. she plunged her tongue into me and fed at my opening, making me grow hotter.
She looked up at me with mad lust and love in her eyes,
“The boss would like to see you Ifechi” she said with a sly grin then she resumed tongue-fucking my clit.
Chief Ogochukwu Muoka wanted to see me? Whatever for – just then a chill settled into my spine.