…From then onwards, it was grin upon grin, hug upon hug and pecks upon pecks from the gentlemen and ladies. I felt unleashed and ready to mingle. As I was basking in this new trend, something strange happened. I felt a hand from behind grab my ass like one would grab a whore. I was wondering what was wrong with Vincent, he wouldn’t do such thing in public. I wrestled free and turned only to meet a huge dark bearded guy with a gawky smile that instead of brightening his face wrecked it more. “Come on bitch, I love that ass. We’re gonna rock that

ass tonight, what do you think?” He said with a foreign accent. Glaring at him with absolute disgust, I retorted. “Well I think you’re very disgusting with a face like a wrecked baboon. I can’t help but blame your father who was too poor to buy a condom in order to prevent you from existing.

Well, I thought he looked scary when he smiled, but

my words made him look beastly and quite horrific. I

could liken him to Shriek.

“What the fuck did you say?” He snarled and looked scarier as he bared his irregular canine. His enigmatic figure sent shivers down my spine and stood my hairs straight. What had I done?

“Buggy chill, what happened?” I heard Vincent’s voice

approaching behind me and that gave me some

relief. “This bitch need to be taught some lesson about using her cavity. Or I’m gonna slice her up and serve my dogs on a plate for dessert.” “What’s going on?” Another man asked and soon we were forming a small crowd. I explained what happened to Vincent who shook his head to my shock and said, “well you have to be careful how you talk around here.” “Is that what you have to say? Some one grabbed your wife’s ass hours after you married her and this

is what you have to say Vincent?” I watched as they all made faces towards me and began telling Vincent his wife was rude. I was bewildered and wondered what a joke they were, all

of them, including my pathetic husband. “Just take me out of here now please.” I bellowed. Vincent grabbed me by the hand, just under the

shoulder and headed for my room. As soon as we

were inside, he slammed the door behind us and sat

me down. “Now listen, you overreacted.” “How would you say that? He came from behind and grabbed my ass like I was his pro and I couldn’t take that. You should warn him off. For crying out loud this is our post wedding party of all things and I should be the queen here, hello! What is all this? I served that big for nothing fool what he deserved and gimme the chance over and over again I’ll only use it better in getting the better of him…Shameless bastard.” Vincent stayed calm until I was done and grunted. He turned around and placed both hands on his side, then paced about in the room. “Okay fine, just stay in here and forget about the party.” “I was never going to step out anyway…Like you knew

my mind.” “Alright, I’d go and attend to my guests.”

He said and started leaving. “Well that’s what happens when you refused to accept my own guests. Rubbish and condiments.” I swore under my breath as he said nothing and shut the door behind him.

Enraged, I slammed clenched fists into the bed as the music from the party downstairs blared on. I approached the window to take a view of the beast one more time. The entire space and rooms linked to it had been booked by my husband, meaning only

them had access, both viewing and entry access to the venue. I saw Vincent go to speak to Shriek and they exchanged brawls before the other guys intervened and calmed them. They hugged afterwards with the other guys trying to appease them. What were they up to? Why didn’t everyone and even Vincent refute what he did? They all seemed to be

comfortable with it and Vincent thought I overreacted? I retreated to my bed very angry but helpless. I was brooding until I slept off. I woke up much later and the music was still blaring. I heaved myself from the bed to go ease myself in the toilet as I was feeling pressed. I still felt sleepy but decided to peer through the window once again to see how far they had gone. In one swift flash, sleep fled from my bleary eyes. My post wedding party had been turned into something strange…



…Pathetically she lamented in her text on how she had loved me so

dearly but never understood why I hated her so much. She never thought I’d be going out with Vincent even after her instincts had given her reasons to. I read her text and deleted it without a tinge of guilt. Just as I was about to leave my hotel room to the waiting car, another text came in and it happened to be part of the first message that was hanging. It was Nelly telling me if only I had told her, I’d never have made the worst mistake of my life. Mmmmmmmmm! I became so scared and thought and thought of

calling her back to know what she meant but 

before that a knock came on my door. I was running out of time.

“Will you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded

wife, to love and cherish, in sickness and in health,

for richer for poorer, and for better for worse, till

death do you apart?” The priest asked him.

“Yes I do,” Vincent replied​ with a broad smile.

“Will you take this man,” the priest turned to me and started reciting the creed. “To be your lawfully

wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness

and in health, for richer for poorer and for better for

worse, till death do you part?” I stood meditating on Nelly’s text earlier. What if I say no and ran off from the church? What if I

refused to marry Vincent and flee to safety? Safety

from what? What did I know Vincent did wrong to

Nelly? Why was Nelly so pathetic about my union with him? What could it be I was missing? My heartbeat switched rhythm and eventually lost rhythm. “Nomsa?” Vincent’s voice startled me. I had been

engrossed in my meditation I didn’t realise everyone was waiting for me. “The priest is waiting.”

“Oh, okay.” I turned to the priest and smiled sheepishly.

He frowned and growled under his breath but loud

enough for me to hear, “the response is ‘yes I do’.”

“Oh, Yes I do. Sorry about that.” I turned and smiled

apologetically at Vincent who didn’t find it funny at

all. He kept a wrinkled temple even through to the reception while I smiled and remained cheerful. I had

resolved to put my fears behind me and enjoy my

day. It was only meant to come once. By dusk, it was all over and we were back in our hotel room. It was over and marriage had begun. The post

wedding party, according to my husband was for a

caucus. I was wondering what he meant by that but

he explained I should wait and see what he meant.

“But I have friends who’d want to be part of it too?” I

fussed “Of course you do but how much is your own

contribution to everything today? Tell me, what?

Have you not heard that he who pays the piper

dictates the tune? Don’t even try bringing anyone or you’d end up embarrassing yourself.”

While he was speaking he’d been undoing his

clothes. He started for the bathroom and paused at

the door. “And by the way, what was that stunt you

pulled there before the priest?” “What is that?” I asked. “Don’t even play dumb with me. You know, the ‘yes I do’ part? Like you hesitated.” I forced a chuckle through. I see that’s why you have been frowning all day. Hey, I was just overwhelmed. It

happens to a lot of ladies, especially those who can’t

believe they are marrying their dream man.” I angled

my head and smiled.

Oh really. He disappeared into the bathroom while I

sighed and collapsed on the bed, tired. We walked out to a loud roar from the ladies and gentlemen present. It was a casual cocktail and poolside party. The men had jeans and t-shirts while the ladies wore skimpy dresses. Why did I call them dresses? Some had bikinis, what I call just pants and bra. Every man had a girl or two by his side and some even had three, I could finger about three of them like that. I was the holiest in a pair of bum shorts and a tang top. Altogether, there were about thirty people. “Alright ladies and gentlemen, with me here is the man of the day with his Cinderella,” a guy who had introduced himself to me as Bright at the wedding announced. “So we’re gonna be making a toast to their arrival so the party begins in a earnest.”

His words were met with another loud roar of praises and healing. Vincent smiled and waved them while I followed suit.

After the toast, he said a few words of appreciation

for honouring him on his wedding and presented me to them as “Our Wife”. I shot him an inquisitive stare but he never bothered to look at me. The ladies kept smiling and staring at me with an aura of acknowledgement. Somehow they kept me


Music came on and the dance floor opened. Some

people plunged into the pool and floated with the help of the rubbers on the water. A lot of people began approaching me and kept saying “welcome to the family.”

M What family were they talking about? I was wondering when a still small voice from the back of my mind whispered to me, “don’t you think you’re playing Nelly’s tape in your head? Do you like to keep this veil over your face? Can’t you see? These people are beautiful and love you so much, they are family. Just tell yourself, welcome home and put Nelly to shame.” The word Nelly injected vigour from nowhere into me. I felt doused with courage and regretted being deluded by Nelly’s text. From then onwards, it was grin upon grin, hug upon hug and pecks upon pecks from the gentlemen and ladies. I felt unleashed and ready to mingle. As I was basking in this new trend, unfortunately something very terrible happened… 
What do you think happened?


#Diezani Refunds 90 Billion Dollar CNN Confirmed
I start to imagine what a normal human being would ever need 13 Billion British Pounds that’s 27 trillions of Naira for in this limited world, which if divided according to the equivocal population of Nigerians 170,000,000 people each person will get over N158 millions.

I wonder if former President GEJ could imagine that only one out of his ex-Ministers could steal such a stupendous amount under his administration without his knowledge.

Wonders shall never end! In reference to the CNN report that the former Minister has made a refund of $90B already, how much is Dangote worth? 
As at today Dangote is worth $14.7B and the 67th in the world while Bill Gates was the 2nd with $ 79.2 on the Forbes list.
Diezani is simply a wonder. Old pensioners are dying of hunger daily, Insurgency is consuming lives of innocent Nigerians, workers are no longer getting their salaries as at when due, Government can no longer build infrastructures, road all over the country are in complete bad shape and only one woman got away with this kind of money.

Nigeria is a wonder, while Diezani is a SHAME 




…Before he could say a word, I’d grabbed his head and shoved him into my crotch. He kissed below my navel and ran his tongue symmetrically down to the divide of my labia. He used his tongue to slit the curtains of my labia for the inner pinnacle to be revealed. Vincent had no respect for holiness at all. That which was hidden in the inner chamber, he exposed with his tongue and flickered it over the erected Clint that stood, yearning

for attention. “Uhhhhh…” I jerked as he made contact. This felt

totally different. I almost had a seizure. Vincent applied pressure with his tongue and began running it slowly up and down with every wetness he

could garner. I looked so apologetic with a sorry face begging for attention.

He dropped the shower and used both hands to

separate the labia to avoid further restriction. Ever seen a man diligent in his tasks. Vincent was dining with kings already. He planted his lips on my

labia and suckled at it with vacuum in his mouth.

“Yeeee!” I let out a sharp cry but he grabbed my

buttocks and pressed my waist against his face. No

hope of escape, just death awaiting me. I clung on to

him and almost fell off the tub but for his strength

with which he grabbed.

“Yeeaaah! Uhhhhh! Aaarrrgggg!” I couldn’t stop screaming in several ways and he did dare to stop. Rather, he began doing it with a tongue. I kept on screaming. “I’m coming… I’m coming uhhhhbhh!” I clung to him

as I tensed and stopped feeling my limbs. I felt all the juice rush out while he took them all. He slid his two fingers in me like trying to dig up something and feeling the rough mound just under my clitoris. He thrust in and out until I cried and rocked my waist as the entire fluid came rushing for the second time in

a row. What was I in for?

I grabbed his erection and was about to reciprocate

when he opted against if and kissed me on the

forehead. “Join me in bed.” He said and grabbed a towel. Unfortunately, there was something about his features that I didn’t


…Unfortunately, there was something about his features that I did not like but whatsoever, everything will be solved in bed. Even after I’d been engaged, one thing I never stopped doing was to engage in a solo competition with Nelly, though she wasn’t aware. Since after I left her wedding, I only took her call once and it ended there. But now, I posted series of pictures taken in Vincent’s luxurious apartment on Facebook, Instagram and all other social media accounts I had. He’d assured me we’d be moving to Ndola after our marriage and each time I visited the place I’d be fighting an unknown battle with everyone I see there, mindless of if they lived on the Island or

not. I just had this idea that I was going to be jointing them soon and rehearsed the big girl I’d be acting in Vincent’s car.

I stayed a little above one week with Vincent with my

hole drilled at every chance he got. He’d wake up in the morning and drill a round or two, occasionally run back home and drill another set of rounds with clothes on, then run back home a little earlier than closing time for the same purpose. He also ensured we fed well and even studied sex enhancements foods which he bought and ensured we stocked the house with them. During our free days, we played games like draft, ludo, quizzes, Scrabble and seldom chess. The main game was in what happens to the one who fails, he’d have to obey what ever task imposed by the the other party. I always lost so had a larger part of the penalties. Sometimes the punishment would be to give him blow job for a specified duration. At times I’d feel uncomfortable about it

but wouldn’t want to spoil the fun, I’m not a Kill joy.

So in turn, I’d use my own fewer wins to get a head,

boob treat with icy yogurt or Irish cream or anything I

could get a hold on. Hmm! that was sensational though. So one of the highlights included one day he’d requested we played a game which involved role play. I didn’t understand that but felt he just wanted to remember childhood, playing daddy and mummy, but no. He tied my hands and legs to the bed posts and pinned my head down so I couldn’t move them, just squirm and wriggle under him while he did everything thing he could think of to my body. He licked every part of my body from my loved to my neck and my cleavage to my nipples. Before he went to lick and suck everything around my crotch region while I screamed and eventually passed out from extreme pleasure. When I woke up, he had prepared a meal for me to eat and I fed well while he told me I was awesome and

his only source of happiness. I smiled weakly. “You see, I’ve come to understand why so many marriages break up and people don’t last in

marriages,” he analysed. “The reason people cheat on their spouses is lack of adventure. When you are always adventurous about sex, always willing to explore every available space, you will be faced with many options of styles and sex activities

that the missionary will be an act you crave for but

don’t get a chance to practise.” While he spoke, I kept wondering what other thing as left to explore or would be left to explore before we got married. I explained that I needed some rest as my whole body was in pain from excess drilling and

reminded him that he was massive below. He laughed and said, “Baby see, no pain no pleasure.

There is no pain with pleasure and vise versa. Pain and pleasure go together to make a perfect and complete sense.”

I didn’t understand one thing but he promised to let me be for some days but not without occasional blow jobs and hand jobs or even leg jobs yes, he taught me that too. How I could him to come with my legs as my hands without inflicting any form of injuries. Vincent was something else. Eventually, I left his house to go and inform my

parents further down south about him and pave way for an introduction. My old friends became old cargo because of the shopping Vincent took me prior to my departure. I bought things for everyone at home and my mother danced and praised God for answering our prayers. I stopped sharing public transport with people and took a drop everywhere, assuring my siblings that the next time I’d visit, I’d be driving my own car.

Marriage plans kicked off and Vincent found it easy to pay everything he was asked and added extra. I got to meet Vincent’s friends and funny enough they were not married yet, not any one of them. They nodded in approval when they got to know I was The One. The One? What did they mean by that? I didn’t want to ponder over it and give myself a heart attack.

After all, every man would have a number of

girlfriends but would eventually end up marrying one. Yet my concern was on how they kept staring at me and my buttocks especially, in a very suggestive way. Vincent didn’t seem to bother but instead kept high

shoulders. I decided not to make anything out of all

that, not to dwell on that, perhaps everything would

change after the knot was tied. The traditional marriage was the best my village had ever experienced. The pictures made rounds on all

my social media platforms I owned accounts, with

altered settings to keep off Nelly. Why I kept Nelly away nevertheless, still remained vague to me. She was happily married, which I never admitted, yet I didn’t want her around me. I didn’t want her to attend my wedding, neither to realise it was Vincent I was getting married to. I knew she

would find out soon but what did I care? I was waiting for the impending consequential drama.

We flew business class to Paris to shop for the

wedding and spent the succeeding weekend in

Switzerland. He assured me our honeymoon would be in Asia, with Dubai top on the list. I didn’t just fall in love with Vincent, I drowned in love for him.

On the eve of my wedding, just as I was about to

sleep, my phone started ringing. Vincent wouldn’t be calling me at this time of the night. Not after he had sneaked to my hotel for some quickie before leaving and calling to inform me he’d arrived his own hotel room. I ignored but the caller kept calling, four more times. I became worried and heaved myself off the bed to the socket and picked up the phone. “Mtcheeeeeeew!” I hissed a very long one and put my phone on silent. Nelly must have learnt of the wedding and was calling. I had been rehearsing for the drama but didn’t include ungodly hours in my practice. I dozed off moments later and woke up to a long sermon of how I was a traitor. She lamented pathetically in her text on how she had loved me so dearly but never understood why I hated her so much. She never thought I’d be going out with Vincent even

after her instincts had given her reasons to. I read her text and deleted it without a tinge of guilt.

Just as I was about to leave my hotel room to the waiting car, another text came in, after reading the text I became scared…


Episode 1

My new environment is not like the formal. As

I have many places to enjoy myself every

night and mingle with higher profile people

even though I am nt that good in this type of

social life.

It has not being more than three months now

that I came to this place after my NYSC. 

have no friend in this neghbourhood, but a lot

of places to enjoy myself either every night or

during the weekend. There is this big hotel in

my neighbourhood. I like to go there everytime

I come back frm wrk, either to go mingle or

watching EPL (premiership league) and other

related matches when less busy. The first

time I went to that hotel, I have never taken a

congnisance to see difference gals coming in

and out of the hostel. But as the time goes

on, I begin to see

difference people taking a girl to hotel,

drinking, bleeping and other stuff which

beyond human talk. It is like I begin to know

hw to take a woman out on a normal ground,

whether nah iyawo’le or olosho… Jus to have

your way within some minutes and everybody

find his or her way.

It was fun sometime because I even lik to

watch these people and their ways of living,

enjoyment and all that. It sometime funny to

me and I find some irritating. But wetin

concern me concern the girls take enter room.

Who won’t want to enjoy life ganself? A pot is

calling a kettle black.

I am a socialize as well, but way of being a

social guy is nt in this manner. That is y

everytime I want to ask for the drink. It might

be normal soft drink. There is a guy that

always wan to familiarize himself to me, but I

was jus being careful of begin to make a

friend with anyone as a new guy in the a

changing environment. Everytime we dey

watch match, the girls would be serving and

the place would be like’ as u take your eyes

watching, your hand in mouth.

Sunderly, the guy broke the silence and first

introduces himself to me:

Guy: hi bro, did u watch Liverpool vs Chelsea


Me: yes nah, who no go watch am$

Guy: ha, d match tough oooo… I never knew

chelsea could qualify for the final.

Me: me tooo, thanks for alone goal from


Guy; I tot you just came to this area?

Me: yes

Guy: you are a quite and cute guy. I like ur


Me: ***if I hear*** I will take that as a

complement. Thanks!

The guy called out: hey waitress kindly give

me one stout and plate of peper soup and a

beer for my guy too. And turn into the

direction of my sitting

Guy: which product would you like to take?

Me: me? noooO, thanks!

Guy: y? Haaaaa… You too can do d same next

time nah. It is notin.

Me: I no, but I just don’t take anytin related to


Guy: haaaa, so, u r just like the way I was


Me: hw?

Guy: no wonder all the gals dey throw

themselves to u.

Me: that is misseduse of wrds, who dey throw

themselve to me?

Guy: u can’t notice nah

Me: hw?

Guy: that gal wey come serve me always

looking at you whenever you come here.

Me:eeeeeeh, and I never notice.

Guy: I guest it might be she like u. I guess

Me: hw do you know?

Guy: cause everyguy here has tried her but

she declined.

Me: interesting, but hw do you knw everybody

done tried her?

Guy: no b this place I dey enjoy my life. I no


Me: ok

Guy; I which u try your lucky to.

Me: me? I am sorry. Aja o’gbodo jobi nah( dog

must not eat kolanut nah)

Guy: a trial will convince u den. Cuase d girl ta

lenu gan ni ooooo…

Me: hen hen…

Guy: she may even decline u gansef. How u

take knw no dat?

Me: me? Baba e lawa je.

Guy; continue to form. I say make u try d tin.

Me: I am not just intersted jareh.

Guy: k, I am snakie

Me: am jerryto. But you can call me Jt

After Snakie left, I begun to sift my eyes into

the direction of the gal. Honestly, the girl se

kah-kah gan ni oooo… Haaa, come see


I dey tel u! Every time she turn her back into

my direction, I swallow hard. A liitle jacking in

my boxer making me realise i can still go for it

jus like snakie suggested. I can’t explain if na

snakie that influence my thinking or it just

natural occurrence. Sometime, you just like

somebody not knowing how and why, but I


*** when u begin to like the act of a person,

that is when you see such person as an actor

or actress*** however, mull-over will now be a

rehearsal. a woman Is controller in this period

where her k—y-cat wil now be jus like a

prison. While a man will be an officer whose d!

ckson is a criminal.

If you ever put your

prisoner inside a prison, you could never tel

what would happen to him. One prisoner may

enter prison and become soft after a moment.

***especially when encounter with some many

hotter prison stuffs*** although not all the

prisoner comeback from prison become soft.

on the other hand, a prisoner may enter a

prison and become ipata or become softer and

if stay like some minutes outside stil turn out

to be as hard/turgid as rock *** this means

that prisoner feels like take a prison as

home*** courtesy of k—y cat!

stay tune for next episode



GTB 👉*737#

Firstbank 👉*894#

Starling bank 👉*822#

Fidelity bank👉 *770#

Skye bank👉 *389 *076#

UBA bank👉 *389#

Eco bank👉 *326#

Access bank👉 *901#

Zenith 👉 *302#

Stanbic Bank👉 *909#

Diamond Bank👉 *302#

For Diamond Yello acct👉 *710#

Wema Bank👉 *322#

Heritage Bank USSD👉 *322#

Keystone Bank USSD👉 *322#

Unity Bank USSD👉 *322#

Fcmb👉 *389#

Union Bank👉 *389 *032# 

💼 💼 💼 🏃🏿. 🏃🏿