EPISODE 4 “What do you mean by ‘downslide in patronage’ woman” one of the shareholders, Mr. Dare, asked in annoyance. “Who are you by the way?” Felicia did not flinch one bit; she just stared at him like he had just asked her the name of her favorite movie. “I am Felicia Adams, my business with Tel Communications is personal and I must say that I am well acquainted with your boss” she said with a sweet little smile on her face. “So, how do you know about problems in our company when we don’t even know a thing about it?” Mr. Robert asked, looking to be more interested in the speaker’s body than her words. “You don’t know? Well, the problem is not related to the company specifically but with the arrowhead.” “Michael? What about Michael?” Yes! Felicia had been expecting John Coker to talk ever since. He was the only known cousin to Michael and the late Mr. Coker had made sure that he was in the company. Apart from Michael, who had fifty percent share in Tel Communications, being the inherent owner of the company, John Coker had twenty six percent. John Coker had always seen Michael as his rival and always looked for a way to outshine him so Felicia was banking on convincing John using the power of words. “I am guessing that everyone in this room hadn’t been on social media for a while.” Felicia stated with her eyes forging the look of extreme surprise. She had prepared for something like this. She signaled to Stella and she operated the laptop on the table. Everyone watched as Stella opened Michael’s Facebook profile and half-nude pictures popped up. Nearly everyone gasped as they stared unbelievably. The pictures were swarming with comments and some that were viewed were exceedingly awful. So many ladies were giving phone numbers out and stunningly, guys were dropping numbers as well. The shock they all got was so extreme when they saw Michael on a gay site. “There you have it people; Michael Coker is gay” she dropped the bomb slowly. The room fell into stunned silence. “You have all invested in the company, and I am sure you all want to expand financially instead of go bankrupt, so I thought of this: Tel Communications need to be led by someone different. Someone who has a good leading legacy and who is still a Coker. Someone who would not brandish nude photos on net or gay sites” she allowed that sink in. “Mr. John Coker” she stared pointedly at Michael’s cousin. “Wouldn’t it be of great benefit if you took over Tel Communications?” John’s eyes widened fractionally and Felicia watched as his eyes went from surprise to thoughtful. “Michael has been there for so long” Felicia pressed. “I am sure everyone here wants to put their money into something more secure” “Even at that, we can’t just take over, Michael has fifty percent shares, and we are just forty five percent here. Even if we get the last share holder to follow our plan, we still won’t have an edge over Michael” John Coker murmured thoughtfully, liking the idea of taking over the company. “We could make him sell part of his shares, preferably to one of us here” Felicia offered. Everyone seemed to assimilate that. “But, what is your gain in all these?” Mr. Roberts asked suspiciously. “Well, let’s just say ‘Payback’. Michael destroyed my life; he is just going to get what he bargained for” Even as Felicia said the words, her eyes clouded with dark recollection and anger. “Even at that, what of the last shareholder? She might not agree” “Who is she?” Felicia asked. Only John knew. “Alexander Branson. She is definitely not going to accept this. She is Michael’s girlfriend.” Felicia smiled widely and picked up her wine. “She would” ********** ********** “Oh sweetheart, why don’t you check on Alexander?” Richard said with a worried look. “She has been up in her room since she arrived yesterday and I just feel something is wrong with her, she ought to have breakfast with us” Belina had noticed this too. She had been to Alexander’s room to see her this morning but she was still asleep then. Belina assumed that Alexa was extremely tired. She went to Alexa’s room with a thousand questions in her head, knocked and opened the door. “Alexa” Belina called. Alexa was not inside the room. A frown crept up Belina’s face as she checked the bathroom but found it empty also. “Alexander” Belina called louder then left the room, shouting Alexander as she went. Immediately she arrived the sitting room, Richard was on his feet. “I can’t find her.” Richard’s face creased in worry as he looked round the wide sitting room. He did not want to believe that rapture had occurred and they had been left behind. “She might be outside” he said hopefully. Both of them knew distinctively that they hadn’t seen Alexander leave her room but they went to check nonetheless. ********** ********** Alexa alighted from the cab, extracted some money and paid the driver. She turned on her heels and walked like a soldier on mission into the massive building which stood. She was greeted by security guards with huge smiles but she was not her usual self so she had no money to spread around. Getting out of the house was as difficult as passing through the needle’s eye but she had managed. She could not face her parents after finding out that the man she loved was actually gay. Alexander had spent so many valuable minutes praying that this nightmare would go away. She had refreshed her web, feeling that the internet must be up to some of its tricks but after staring over and over again, the truth had slapped her with the force of a speeding plane. She wasn’t sure who she was angrier at; Michael or herself. She entered the elevator which was going up with some people and heaved a huge sigh. As the elevator moved, it stopped continuously on each floor for people to get off. It became increasingly annoying because none of them seemed to be experiencing the tension and urgency she was feeling. Using the time, she quickly typed a message to her mum, informing her that she had to quickly see a friend of hers who would be out of the country this morning. She was not ready to reveal this ugly truth to her mum. Finally, the elevator chimed on the last floor and she stumbled out of it. She walked knowingly towards Michael’s office without even sparing the people around a glance. Soon enough, she got to Michael’s adjoining office and met with Michael’s secretary. She did not even pause. “How may I help you ma’am?” the lady asked but Alexa was past caring. “You can’t just walk in” the lady stood up and rushed after her. “Of course I can, and I will” Alexa responded steadily. She had been to Michael’s office countless number of times but Michael hadn’t made an exemption for her where protocol was concerned. She was treated like one of their customers by his staff instead of being treated like the boss’ woman. Alexa’s fast legs got to the door ahead of the secretary and she jerked it open without even a courteous knock. On entering, Michael and Tunji jerked, turning their heads towards her. They looked extremely surprised to see her and Alexa wondered why. “I tried to stop her, she would not listen to me” the secretary murmured frightfully. Michael waved her away and stood up. He was not on his seat but was seated on the couch with Tunji, and Alexa found herself wandering what they must have been doing. She saw glasses of drinks beside the chair, on the small tabletops but she did not care about that. “Alexa” Michael ground out. “What a surprise” he said standing up. “Is everything all right?” He actually looked worried as he stared at her. All her annoyance did not stop Alexa from noticing his pale blue shirt which was tucked into black pants. His equally black shoes shone and sparkled like someone had spent hours sinking polish into the glossy shoes. Michael’s shirt was not totally buttoned as usual, and his chest was slightly in view. He almost never used a tie so Alexander was not surprised. “Lexy” Tunji called playfully. “You scared me, are we at war?” He asked jokingly. Why did he look so innocent? “It depends” she said with her eyes fixed on Michael as she talked. “Are you both in it together? Since he would need a partner in crime, probably you are the available butt” “What?” Tunji sounded so stunned at the insulting languages but still had no idea as to what was going on. Michael was equally looking at her with a look of thoughtful worry and surprise. Tunji stood up to leave and Alexa felt guilty because he most probably knew nothing about Michael’s activities but she was taking out her frustration on him. “I might come back to finish what we were planning when you sort this out” he told Michael and left. Alexander turned burning eyes at Michael and his silence was beginning to annoy her exceedingly. Must he always look calm in the face of a storm? “When were you going to tell me?” Michael frowned. “Tell you what?” “Don’t you dare me Michael. God!” she swallowed and moved away from Michael. “I am a fool; a stupid and foolish miserable little idiot. How could I not have read the writings on the wall?” Michael now looked totally confused and Alexa was at least glad that Michael was not composed and relaxed in the face of her fury. “What is going on Alexander?” “You know what is going on” she walked up to him and poked him in the chest. “Of course you do” Her voice was now very high and Michael was glad that his office was soundproofed. “You are just going to pretend right? That is what you have been doing all this while; pretend that I am special, pretend that you want me” “Of course I do” Michael ground out. “Get to the point now” he growled. “Shut up Michael, you don’t want me; maybe you want Tunji or Eric or one of those blasted friends of yours” she yelled. Michael stilled and frowned deeply. “What does that mean?” “You are gay” she cried. Silence reigned and for some seconds, Michael looked like a sculptured statue as he gazed at her like she had just declared that he had an invisible horn. Alexa laughed painfully. “Did you think I would never find out? Well you weren’t hiding it, at least not from the world. If you could make it public on social Medias, then you are definitely proud of your status.” Tears welled up in Alexander’s eyes as the pain slipped in like the edge of a sharp knife. “What status are you talking about” Michael got back his power of speech and for the first time, Michael looked totally stunned. “I don’t understand the crap you are spilling from your mouth” Michael looked furious. “Oh, I am spilling crap right?” Alexa took out her tab and swallowed heavily as she opened Michael’s Facebook profile which she hadn’t been able to stop revisiting since yesterday. She stopped her eyes from looking too long at the pictures as tears of anger and regret tried to push itself to the surface. She stretched the tab and Michael took it instantly but immediately he took it, he froze. Alexander had never seen Michael in so much shock. Michael was a perfect actor, she thought in annoyance. “That is the crap I am spilling. Damn it, you are even on” she wailed. “Oh God” she sank into one of the chairs because her legs could not carry her anymore. Michael could not even state which emotion was going through his veins. Shock was the first thing he felt, then shock again, then anger, then fury, then much more shock. “I’ll be damned if I know a thing about these blasted pictures here.” He said with so much anger as he glared at pictures of himself. “This is definitely not me, I mean, I have never taken a shirtless picture before, not to mention taking photos of myself in briefs. This is ridiculous, and I am definitely not gay. What the hell made you believe I was? We have been in bed together Alexa” He was pacing now and anger oozed out of his pores. Alexa’s laughter sounded weird. “Yes, we have been in bed together once Michael; one miserable time. My life is a disaster” she declared and shook her head in agony. “Of all the things I thought would happen to me, I never thought I would lose my virginity to a gay lover. We are done Michael” she stood up and snatched her Tab from his hands. “All of this is ridiculous Alexa, for God’s sake” he yelled in frustration. Tears spilled out of her eyes. “You are right, it is. I hate you Michael” she turned and stormed out. Michael stared at the door as it slammed shut, he made no move to pursue Alexander though, he needed some time to process and assimilate what he had just heard. Alexa tried not to look ridiculous as she went, trying desperately to put her emotions in check. She passed the wide-eyed secretary as she made her way out of Michael’s office but did not even spare her a glance. She wanted to cry and she eyed the elevator ahead, hoping she would not have any company when she entered it. Anita, Michael’s assistant bumped into her as she made her way to the elevator and she was forced to stop. Alexander had accused Anita severally of having an affair with Michael but now, she was forced to face the reality that she had been wrong. How much better would it have been if she had been right? She would have preferred a case of infidelity to the one she was faced with currently. “Miss Branson” Anita gasped out. “Are you all right?” The concerned tone almost made Alexa burst into tears instantly. Anita was still being nice to her even after numerous accusations. Anita looked troubled as she stared at Alexander. “Why don’t you have coffee with me at the cafeteria on the ground floor?” Anita offered again. Alexa just nodded and followed Anita; she really needed a listening ear now, especially one who worked for Michael. ********** ********** Felicia smiled thoughtfully as she came down from her car and walked to the door. “Second mission accomplished, third mission loading” she murmured.



EPISODE 3 “Oh no!” Alexa gasped in complete horror. She enlarged the picture to be sure she was not mistaking someone else for Michael, but it could not be denied. It was truly Michael. She refreshed the site over and over again but nothing changed. She just stared in complete mortification as her world shattered around her. Of all the things that Michael could be, who could imagine that he was gay. Damn! He did not even look it, neither did he act it. Michael had too many ladies swarming all over him, due to his irresistible outlook that Alexa had felt honoured and lucky that of all the women, she had caught his fancy. And to think that she thought he was sleeping with that Anita in his office! Alexa started pacing her room. Well, of course he hadn’t been sleeping with Anita or other women, Alexander thought bitterly. The only woman that Michael had been able to sleep with was his dumb virgin girlfriend, who was dumb enough to surrender her virginity on a platter of gold to a gay. Tears had sprung to her eyes unknowingly as she stared with rounded eyeballs at pictures of her man which was in public view. If only she knew that he was not looking at women but instead, was stuck with the ass of his fellow men, she would not have sacrificed the most precious thing in her life. That day had been the most magical day in her life because, never had she imagined that she could feel what she felt in Michael’s arms. Even then with her lack of experience, she was perfectly aware of how hard Michael fought for control. He had been exceedingly gentle, being her first time but he had to do that with a lot of restraint which made Alexander to respect him more. After the act, he had asked her countlessly if she was alright or hurt. But here, Alexander watched in stupefied horror as the most amazing day of her life turned to her worst nightmare. And it was all her fault! He had argued with her that day, almost refused to make love to her but she had stupidly behaved like a stupid slut, stripping before him until he had no choice but to give in. If only she had followed the footsteps of her mum… Michael had said that he was with his friends, the last time she called him; were they also gay? She wondered. And to think that she had liked them instantly… She never heard the slow approach of footsteps which approached her door but the knock that followed was exceptionally loud. Richard called out her name immediately after the knock as he waited. Alexa tried to swallow her panic. “Yes dad” she answered far too loudly and shakily. There was a slight pause. “Can I come in?” he asked. “Um… Dad, I am not dressed yet” she lied. “I was busy doing some things. I would put on something and erm… come to the sitting room” she rushed. There was another pause. Alexander wished that her dad didn’t know her so well. “Ok. I am waiting” he said and she heard his retreat. “SHIT!” she swore. ********** ********** Felicia took out her hair bond and held up her light brown hair, letting the tresses fall freely in a tail. Felicia was one of those people who had narrowly escaped the albino state. She did not look the way she looked about five years ago due to the surgery she had been forced to go through but she was still pale. Her skin was very fair and pale, almost red under the sun and her light brown hair complemented her skin perfectly. She was more of a conventional beauty queen which was not commonly seen on a daily basis in Nigeria. Although she was obviously not an albino, Felicia was happy with her pale skin, or she was before she went under the knives. Her lips were slightly darker though, due to cigarettes which she had become accustomed to over the years. Felicia was dressed in a V-necked multicolored top which left just a hint of cleavage. It hugged her figure perfectly and was matched with a white short which was just half way through her laps. Her feet were graced by high heeled boots, giving her a sexy and also a rugged look. When Felicia was done dressing, she walked back into the sitting room and picked up her leftover glass of wine from the center table. After filling her mouth with the chilled wine, she picked up her phone and pressed 5 on her keypad panel. After checking the time to confirm if it was actually 2 o’clock, she put the phone against her ear. Immediately the phone was picked, she wasted no time with pleasantries. “Is everyone seated?” she asked instantly. She nodded satisfactorily when she got her response. “Ok, I am on my way”. She hung up, took one final drink from her cup and set it back on the table. She stretched out two slim manicured fingers and picked up her car keys from the table. After shaking the keys playfully in her hand, she straightened her top and walked out of the house slowly. ********** ********** Patricia sat in the waiting room at the airport waiting for her mum to arrive. It felt good to be home. She had been in Canada for way too long and she had actually started wondering what Nigeria would look like when she got back. Thinking about it, Three years was not an awfully long time to be away from one’s country but considering all that had happened within the space of three years, it sure felt like an eternity. Living in Canada hadn’t been as sonorous as Patricia first thought it would be. Of course, she had travelled out of Nigeria on countless occasions, with and without her parents but when she had been asked by her company to be part of those starting the new branch at Canada, she had been too happy to oblige. Tellers had grown to become one of the largest selling newspaper in Nigeria. Not only were they using the normal newspaper, but they also used the internet for those who had come to see newspaper as old-fashioned. What made Tellers the most sought after paper was the mere fact that they always carried juicy gossips about people – celebrities. Several journalists worked for Tellers but Patricia had come to earn her place as a very important part of Tellers. Her exceptional ability to bring news and gossips about famous people, coupled with the fact that most of her suspicions ended up being true had been what made the company to choose her to go Canada in order to give the branch a grand start. The last three years had been phenomenal but she had asked for a transfer back to Nigeria. Patricia had become attached to her job that she practically lived and breathed it. It was her passion. “Patricia?” Patricia’s head jerked to the side as she heard the familiar voice. Her eyes took in her mum and she was out of her seat instantly. Prisca looked just as stunning as she was over three years ago. Her dad had undoubtedly been taking good care of his dearest wife. “Mum” she yelled and ran into her mum’s waiting hands. “Oh mum” “Pat baby” Prisca sounded shaken. “I have missed you terribly” Prisca pulled her daughter back to inspect her. “Oh my God! You have changed a lot” she gasped out. “You are taller than me now” Patricia laughed. “Oh mum, you have not changed a bit, in fact, you are more beautiful. What has daddy been giving to you that you refused to age, uhn?” Prisca laughed. “The same thing he has been giving me for more than twenty six years”. A fake cough separated the two gleeful women and Patricia gasped when she saw her dad. Handsome as ever, Tony’s eyes widened as he stared at the woman who had rocked Canada, who just happened to be his beloved daughter. “Dad” Prisca walked hurriedly into her father’s arms. Being in her father’s arms felt exceedingly good, and Patricia was instantly filled with immense joy. If there was one man she could always respect, it was her father. The saying that birds of a feather flock was not just a mild saying, Patricia noted, thinking of Mr Richard and his wife who happened to be her aunt. “Oh princess” Tony murmured. “Is this my dearest journalist?” Pat grinned and squared her shoulders. “That’s your daughter dad” They stayed there talking endlessly until Tony decided that they should start heading home. She asked of her baby sister, Tina as they walked off, lamenting on how much she had missed her. ********** ********** Felicia arrived at Elites Hotel and she took her time to pack well and alight without any sense of urgency. After she had securely closed the door, she checked her reflection in the car and smiled internally as she walked away from the car. When she was about entering the hotel, she pressed the botton on her key and the car gave a resounding beep. She had everyone’s attention as she walked into the hotel but she did not seem to notice as she carried an air of indifference. She saw the receptionist quickly shuffle through her drawer as she drew near and immediately Felicia got to the desk, a key was passed to her. The receptionist smiled expectantly and Felicia pulled out some Naira notes and placed them before the lady with a smile. She was full of thanks as she watched Felicia walk away without a word. Felicia got to the door qith the key number on it and inserted the key into the keyhole. With a small twist, the door fell open and she instantly entered into a conference-like setting. A long table extended with ten chairs; one at each head and four on either sides. She saw five men in the room already seated and a lady walked about. They had been arguing when she entered, all having an expected look of confusion on their faces. The lady quickly walked up to her. “You are welcome my lady, they are all confused and angry. It has been hard holding them back” Stella confided. Felicia nodded and walked towards the head of the table, effectively drawing a tense silence. Only the clicks of her heels shattered the deafening silence but she seemed far too comfortable to notice the strain in the room. After she was seated, she crossed her legs before her and picked up the glass of wine which Stella had hurriedly filled for her. Everyone’s attention was diverted to her smooth legs as she took a long sip from her drink. She dropped the cup on the table and relaxed her back fully on the backrest of the chair. She rested her arms on the armrests of the chair and linked her fingers. “I am sure you are all confused as to why you are here” she spoke for the first time, destroying the vague thought in the minds of some of them who were thinking that she was dumb. “You are all shareholders in Tel Communications” she stated matter-of-factly. After the silence had fully gone deep, she continued. “I have noticed a sharp downslide in the productivity and patronage of the powerful network and I am here to make a proposition”. The men looked at one another with more confusion displayed on their faces and she waited for a question to be thrown at her. She had thought of every possible question and had ready answers to all. No one catches Felicia unawares.


“Tolani, I hope Alexander’s room is prepared?” Richard questioned the maid earnestly. The maid responded in the affirmative and Richard proceeded to ask questions about food and every tiny detail. Belina sat down on the couch, looking at Richard with a frown until he finally met her eyes. The maid left and they were alone. “Is it necessary to go through all the stress?” Belina asked. “Of course. She is my daughter and should feel comfortable in her own father’s house” Richard responded, coming to sit beside Belina. “You pamper her too much honey” Belina started the speech she had given over and over again. “She is a woman Richy, no matter how rich we are, she has to be shown some level of discipline” “I do confront her when she is wrong Bell” Richard defended. Belina almost snorted. “That happens once in a year. You handle Roland with a tough hand, why are you not doing the same with Alexander? She wants to have her way all the time, and it is a bad thing”. “Oh heart, I concur that her leaving the house was a wrong idea, I never should have supported her, but baby, we can’t have two strong hands handling her. You are already tough on her, besides, you are not that hard on Roland” He raised a brow. “You know that I am not really the disciplinary type. I became exceptionally hard on Alexa because you treat her like a doll” Richard smiled widely and pulled Belina till her head was on his laps. She frowned. “You surely are not going to flirt your way out of this Richard Branson” Richard’s smile widened. “Oh, I am up to the challenge Bell” he said and started tickling her. Belina started giggling uncontrollably. “Stop it” she gasped out as she giggled but Richard only increased and she tried to stand up but he restricted her. Her moving about on his laps was affecting Richard too as his own wide grin became strained. He bent his head and covered his wife’s giggling mouth, effectively silencing her, and started kissing her playfully. Even in her late forties, she actually looked more beautiful. Considering just how beautiful she was before, Richard had thought that her beauty would reduce with age but her beauty actually increased, and the desire and fire he always felt with her was obviously still burning at the fullest. The playful kisses were over and desire took over as Richard kissed Belina deeply. Belina’s small hand went to circle his head, pulling him closer. “Get a room” Richard’s mouth left Belina’s in a hurry, leaving her hanging. She hadn’t heard the words, and was however curious as to why the igniting kiss should be suddenly cut off. She did not have time to brood though because she instantly saw what had Richard’s attention. “Alexander” Richard said with a smile as Alexander moved forward. Belina took her head from his laps, standing up on her feet. Richard was up instantly. The typical Alexander dropped all her bags and ran into her father’s hand. “Dad” she moaned softly. “I have missed you very much” Richard kissed the top of her head which was on his chest. His heart swelled with pride. How lucky can a man be to have such beautiful women? “Oh baby, daddy missed you too” Richard said and pulled her back to examine her. He frowned. “You have lost weight” Belina shook her head. Richard was such a doctor in everything he did. “Don’t I deserve a hug too?” Belina asked with a fake frown. “Awww… Mummy is jealous” Richard said and Alexander grinned. Belina folded her arms across her chest. “Go and make it right before we both get punished”. He winked. Alexander turned to Belina with that innocent and winning smile that could soften the heart of an angry lion. “Mummy mummy” she cooed teasingly. “I surely have missed you too much, possibly much more than I missed dad” Richard frowned as a slow smile crept up Belina’s face. “Come here honey” Alexa jumped into her mother’s hands for a hug. Richard watched the two women in his life with extreme happiness. He was obviously the luckiest man alive. “How are you baby?” “I am fine mum” Alexa responded as she pulled away from her mum. “When would the both of you stop making out on the couch? Aren’t you too old for that?” “Oh sweetheart, I know she is your mother but she is my wife and I bet she is far more beautiful than most of the small girls floating around these days. Besides, she does not look a day older than thirty” Alexa would have argued with her dad if it weren’t obviously true. She had been argued with on countless occasions whenever she told people that Belina was her mother. Not everyone knew them via the social Medias which never stopped carrying gossips about their private lives but even Alexa had found it hard to believe that Belina had given birth to her and Roland. “Tolani” Richard called and the maid appeared shortly. She was obviously at the other part of the house and Alexa’s arrival must have skipped her too. She greeted Alexa with open excitement and, following Richard’s instructions, carried Alexa’s bags into the room. “Sweetheart, why don’t you go to your room, freshen up and relax? When you get back, we can discuss your weight loss” Nothing escaped her dad’s notice, Alexa thought sadly. It came with his being a doctor. Alexander was not sure if she should be happy about that virtue or be sad because she was not ready to open up about her problems with Michael. When she saw the intense look on Belina’s face, she was sure that she was in for it because if nothing escaped her dad, it was even harder to hide a thing from her mum. She had those eyes which could read a man’s soul with just one glance. Alexa smiled and quickly vanished to her room before a therapy session commenced. ********** ********** “This your network is getting on my nerves o” Eric said suddenly as he faced Michael with a frown. Michael sighed as he braced himself to defend ‘Tel’. When his father had died, he had passed on the company to Michael over two years ago and since then; the company had gone up, far above its competitors. “What happened this time?” Michael queried. “My five hundred Naira airtime has vanished into thin air; this is corruption” he lamented. Tunji laughed. “See this one o, since you have been doing lovey dovey on the phone with your woman, did you forget that it is not midnight call?” “God bless you T.J” Michael chipped in with a grin. If you want your airtime to last long, minimize your speeches, besides, why are you lamenting over five hundred Naira credit, I thought you were richer than that” Michael stated with a lazy grin. He was goading Eric who never stopped talking about the little wealth he had, claiming to be the richest man in the universe. “Well, being rich does not mean that you spend everything you have over the phone. You spend less if you want to stay rich” “Hmmm” Tunji and Michael grunted. Michael’s phone rang and he picked it after looking at it for some seconds. “Alexa” he murmured immediately he picked up. “I know you must be pissed off baby, I am sorry, I should have called… Are you settled now… I am with the guys now… Alright dear, I would call you later; just take some time out to rest… Bye baby” he hung up and noticed for the first time that his friends had their eyes on him. “Tell us man, how is she?” Eric mouthed. “How is who?” he asked, relaxing fully on the chair. “What do you mean ‘who’? Alexander of course” Eric said again. Tunji was diplomatically silent. Michael gazed from one man to the other. “Since when did you start caring about how she is faring?” Eric snorted. “I don’t care about that dummy. If she is half as good as she looks, she would be exceptional in bed” Tunji coughed as Michael’s eyes shot up instantly. “I would punch the living daylight out of your guts if you dare talk about my woman in such a mundane manner” “You don’t have to be defensive Mike, we were just joking” Tunji put in to douse the tension. “That was an expensive joke. If you have imaginations in your filthy minds, you better wipe it out right now” he growled. Eric raised his hands. “Woah, if you are this possessive, you should treat her much more than you are doing now” “And what does that mean?” Michael was becoming increasingly angry. “You just talked with her the way you would normally talk to Anita or one of your staff” Tunji put in, also pissed off at Michael. “I don’t see the spark in you when you are with Alexander” Michael swallowed as he looked at both men in anger. He was not sure which one of them he was actually angry at. Maybe it was not even any of them. ’…’ he started his calming exercise mentally. When he was calm enough to talk normally, he stood up. “Just mind your own damn business”, with that, he walked out to stand at the lawn. ********** ********** Alexander came out of the bathroom feeling refreshed and calm. She still could not get the image of her loving parents out of her head. The two were so much in love and wasted no time in telling and showing each other how they both felt. How many times had she wished that Michael was like her father? She had lost count. How many times had she longed to share with Michael what her parents shared? She exhaled and sat on the bed. She heard a knock and asked the person to come in, knowing that it could only be Tolani. Her mum would knock and enter instantly. Her dad would knock and call out her name if he were the one. “Ma, should I serve your food now?” Tolani asked. Alexander smiled. “No. I need to do some things before I eat, I am not that hungry. I would serve myself when I am done” “Ok ma” with that, she turned to leave. “Oh yes!” Alexa gasped out as an afterthought and Tolani turned. “Do you see that green travelling bag?” Tolani nodded. “Take it, it is for you” Tolani’s eyes widened. “Me?” Alexander nodded with a smile. “Aaahhh, thank you ma, God bless you and your works. Thank you ma” “Ok, stop thanking me. Why are you kneeling? Please stand up. You deserve much more”. Tolani stood up like the enthusiastic nineteen years old that she was and said her thanks again, carrying the heavy bag along with her as she left. Putting smiles on people’s faces had remained the only thing that made her happy lately. She put on the short gown she had put on the bed and picked up her Tab. She hadn’t been on Facebook for days; lately, all she did on net was whatsapp, ping and tweet. She wanted to know what was going on in other people’s lives. She had opened a facebook account which was only known to few people because her former account was already too flooded, being the public figure that she was, due to her parents’ popularity. When her account loaded, she went to check the first thing that always came first to her – her notifications. When she checked, she noticed that Michael had posted some things on his old Facebook wall. This was strange because the account was not the one he currently used. He had told her that he no longer used that account. Even the one he used was almost always empty. Just like her, the initial account he used had exceeded the 5000 friends’ limit and he had opened another, then another. But… she stopped thinking and opened the profile. She was stunned by the first things that she saw. First was a shirtless Michael, looking exceedingly hot, like one of those sex gods that were often seen on magazines. She swallowed a rising panic and scrolled down, seeing several pictures which were nude like the former one. He even saw other nude guys. Just when she was about to go to the pictures to fully check his uploaded pictures, she saw a link which Michael had posted. She swallowed and clicked the link. The link opened up a site which made her eyes pop. “” she gasped out in horror. She hadn’t seen the worst because as she scrolled, she saw the picture of her very own Michael.


EPISODE 1 “Oh mum, it is not as bad as you make it sound” Alexander complained bitterly on the phone as she listened to her mum. “Alexa, I am not making a request. I want to see you here. I give you two days to put things in order, but not more than that, do you hear me? Even though you think you are a woman now, I still need to monitor you, do you understand me? This house is big enough for so many people; I see no reason why you can’t stay here” “You don’t trust me Mum; that is the reason why you want me there” Belina Branson sighed over the phone. “Sweetheart, I am your mother, it is my duty to ensure that you have the right training. I am not giving in to this cheap blackmail you are putting up. I want you here in two days, period” Alexander swallowed. “Mum, do you know that I am not a kid anymore? I am twenty two for Christ’s sake, why must I still live under my father’s roof?” “You would still be under your father’s roof if your father hadn’t allowed you to take an apartment, despite my disapproval. Female children ought to stay in their father’s house, and even though you think you are a big woman now, you are just twenty two and still need your mother”, she paused. “Do you have anything to hide? Is that why you don’t want to stay close to my prying eyes?” “Of course not, but-” “Fine then, it is settled. Two days” Before Alexander could reply, her mum had hung up. She stomped her foot hard on the floor. “Aaaarrrhhhh” she groaned in frustration. Her mum just knew how to have her way. Being in her old house had a lot of benefits, too many to count, but the freedom of having a house to herself would be out. Of course she would be free in her parents’ house but it could not be compared to living on her own. But even though the prospect of living with her parents’ was not so welcome, she was looking forward to the girls’ time she always had with her mother, the pampering she would get from her father, the honest words of advice that they both had to offer… Maybe it was not a bad idea. Thinking about it, Alexa discovered that she really needed her mum. She could claim that she was a woman but she actually enjoyed being babied once in a while. Though Alexa would brag to all her friends that her man – Michael – always spoils her and treats her like a queen, the truth was that Michael had become too engrossed in his work that she was starting to feel neglected. Even after she had done the unthinkable about two months ago and had given up her virginity, the situation seemed to worsen. The flowers which Michael sent recently looked pitiful and most times, he did not call until she did. She picked up her phone and dialed a number. She sighed as she waited. “Hello baby” came a deep masculine voice. She sighed audibly. Alexa needed no one to tell her why her mum loved her husband so much. He was the perfect man. The type of man that every woman prayed for; the type of man she wished to God that Michael was. If wishes were horses… “Hello daddy” she cooed in her innocent father to daughter voice. “How are you teddy? I have missed you” “Oh dad. I have missed you too” “Are you OK?” Alexa had expected this. Even over the phone, her dad knew exactly when her voice sounded off. “Dad, mum told me to come back to the house. I love it here” “Oh baby, your mum misses you a lot. I have seen it in her eyes. Your mum was right; you never should have taken an apartment. She needs her daughter close to her. You can’t tell me that you don’t miss us” Oh, the emotional tactic! Her dad was an expert at playing at women’s emotions, knowing that once he could reach a woman’s emotional tank, he could get whatever he wants. “Of course I miss you dad” “So, what is the problem baby? At first, I wanted you to have the freedom you wanted but now, I just miss you. Also, your mother is right; you should be with us. Your brother is a man, he can handle himself but you are a woman. How is Michael doing?” Trust her dad to change the subject when he was trying to put a full-stop to a particular issue. Getting on her dad’s bad side was something Alexa always avoided because, even though he was the sweetest dad in the history of fatherhood, he could be a disciplinarian when pushed. This time though, Alexa did not like this substitute topic. “Michael is fine dad, his company is really booming” she responded. “But?” “But nothing” “Oh, Alexander, do you forget that I have known you from day one and know when you are hiding something from me. Did that scumbag hurt you?” Getting her dad to accept that she was in a relationship had been so hard, but after so many tears and endless confessions of how Michael was ‘the air she breathed’, her dad finally laid down his guard. “He did not dad” she said simply. For some seconds, there was silence. “I expect you to arrive exactly when your mum said you should, do you understand?” the petting tone was gone, replaced by a fatherly command. “Yes sir” Alexa said quickly. The conversation ended some seconds later and Alexander knew undoubtedly that there was no escape route. ********** ********** Michael sat preoccupied with his laptop. All his days just seemed to be overloaded with so much work. He heard a knock but before he could get the liberty to invite the intruder in, the door opened and in came his personal assistant with a tablet in her hand. He could not remember ever seeing her without it. “Since you would never wait for an answer, why do you waste valuable seconds knocking?” Michael asked as he stared blankly at her. “Courtesy sir” Anita replied. “It is part of the staff’s rules and regulations. If I recall sir, we ought to knock but it was not specified if we had to wait for a response. I guessed that that part was optional” she smiled sweetly. Michael raised a brow. Anita was dressed in her usual micro office suit skirt, but this one she had on was army green in colour with a butter coloured shirt which clung to her body. At first, Michael had thought that Anita would be far better in a modeling firm instead of a telecommunications industry but after she had proved her dependence, he could not imagine ‘Tel’ without her. “Cool, so how may I help you Anita? I am sure you did not come here to tell me what was omitted in the staff’s commandments.” “Of course not sir. I have sent the mail you asked me to send to Brimlight enterprises but I am yet to get a response. Also want to remind you of the call you ought to make in the next ten minutes to Mr. Francis about the ongoing contract” “Yeah yeah” Michael murmured. He had forgotten all about Mr. Francis. “Thanks for reminding me, I had forgotten all about that” “It is my job to remember” Michael smiled. “And you do that job perfectly.” He glanced at his laptop and Anita turned to leave. “Have you ordered flowers for Alexander?” Anita almost snorted but caught herself in time. “I did that two hours ago” she replied without looking at Michael. “Thanks” Michael murmured, going back to work. ********** ********** Belina sat comfortably in her office. The Bell shopping complex was booming with life and everyday she spent in her office, she marveled at the level of patronage she now had. She had just finished going through the stock again and she was very happy that everything was intact. Her sales girls were doing well and were very loyal. She had become attached to the sales girls, to the extent that they were like daughters to her. In as much as she loved them a lot, she still missed her daughter. Her desire to have Alexander back home was different though. Belina had felt uncomfortable with Alexander’s move from day one, but due to Richard’s pampering, Alexa got what she wanted. She had started feeling anxious but the cause of her discomfort was not known to her. All she could say for a fact was that something was wrong; very wrong. All she could do was hope and pray that nothing had happened yet. She could not wait to have her daughter back. “Lina” she heard as her office door opened. “Oh Pric”, Belina murmured and stood up. “It is so good to see you”, she said smiling. “If Mohammed would not go to the mountain, the mountain would obviously go to Mohammed” Prisca said with mock seriousness. Belina laughed. “If I remember correctly, I am Belina, not Mohammed. When did you become a mountain”, she gave Prisca half a hug and kissed her cheek. “Since you refused to come and see me” Prisca responded with a frown. “Oh, I am sorry Pric, it has been really hectic” They both sat down and Belina pulled out a pack of juice from the fridge, with two glasses. She filled both of them and Prisca took hers unceremoniously. “Patricia is coming back to Nigeria” Prisca stated with a soft smile. Belina’s eyes widened. “That is great. I have missed her. She has been off for too long, how do you cope?” “It hasn’t been easy, you know. Not knowing what she is doing most of the time. Although she has the right upbringing, she is in a foreign land. Has been there for more than three years, you know these white men now, they are too… too wayward. I am just glad that she would be back home” Belina swallowed softly. “Something worried you, right?” Prisca sighed. “I just hope that the Patricia that returns is my daughter, you know? I don’t know what to expect. We talk from time to time, but I am still worried that she might come back with some ideologies that I won’t tolerate.” “Pric, trust what you put in her for more than twenty-one years. No strange land would be able to change her so much within three years. Yes, there is bound to be some minor changes, but I don’t think it is anything to worry about.” Belina reasoned but thought of her worries about Alexander and internally chastised herself. She was here counseling Prisca about trusting her daughter but she herself could not do the same. It is natural for a mother to be worried, she thought. “I am happy that she is coming back home though, it makes you keep an eye on her” “She should be married by now, but whenever I ask her about a man, she gives one lame excuse or the other.” “Not everyone likes to share their relationship life, even with their mother.” Belina defended. “When she gets back, you should be able to cough out some information” Prisca frowned thoughtfully. “I hope so” ********** ********** Felicia paced the tastefully furnished apartment in expectation. She had a glass of alcoholic wine in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She dragged on the cigarette, releasing the smoke into the air. After relinquishing the ashes in the ashtray, she sipped the drink. Her phone vibrated and she checked the message. A slow smile lit her features as she read it. “First mission accomplished” she murmured.

UEFA Champions League group stage

*UCL Draw🏆: Easy Groups🙏 for Man Utd, Liverpool; Juve in Barca’s Group⚔* The official draw for the UEFA Champions League group stages has just finished in Monaco. And here we have the right groups. The toughest of them might just be Group H which features Real Madrid, BVB and Tottenham. Interestingly, we also have matchups between Juventus and Barcelona, PSG and Bayern Munich. Here are the 8⃣ groups: 🔰 Group A: Benfica, Man United, FC Basel, CSKA Moscow 🔰 Group B: Bayern Munich, PSG, Anderlecht, Celtic 🔰 Group C: Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, AS Roma, Qarabag 🔰 Group D: Juventus, Barcelona, Olympiacos, Sporting CP 🔰 Group E: Spartak Moscow, Sevilla, Liverpool, Maribor 🔰 Group F: Shakhtar Donetsk, Man City, Napoli, Feyenoord 🔰 Group G: AS Monaco, FC Porto, Besiktas, RB Leipzig 🔰 Group H: Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Tottenham, APOEL *To follow LIVE Football & Football News on Duta:* *Add to your group: +917550086098* Image Credit: Type 👍HB8 to like this





The trip back to Zambia was a silent one. We hardly spoke to each other but for the essentials. I was struggling amidst mixed feelings of what I had encountered and the tragedy that was befalling the family in my Parents in-laws accident. “Yes, Buggy owns that cabin.” Vincent said long after we had boarded. “Like I told you before, we’re family.” I didn’t say anything. I adjusted my ear plugs but Vincent knew better that I’d surely hear him if he talked and continued. “I know you are bothered by the things you saw, you should have steered clear of all obscurities.” He shook his head. “You should never have entered
that room.” When he realised I was never going to reply him, he gave up and cuddled to sleep.
As soon as we arrived Ndola, we went straight to see them at the hospital. On arrival, my father in-law had passed and my mother in-law was dealing with a High Blood Pressure. Two days later, she joined her husband.
Vincent cried uncontrollably and lost his manly poise. It took another two weeks to get him to feed well and
all that time he was easily irritable. He yelled at me at every little thing and threw tantrums all the time. We buried them and his family didn’t have issues with sharing the properties. Vincent was left with the company he was managing in addition to so many other landed properties littered around Ndola. On this fateful day, I had just left the internet after realising Paul had set up a pharmaceutical
company for Nelly as a welcome for their first child which happened to be a boy also. I didn’t like the sound of that. I had left the internet out of frustration, determined to engage Vincent as soon as he returned. I was tired of staying at home and playing the role of a sex toy. Vincent returned from work and brushed past me into the bedroom. I joined him there and tried to keep low on conversations. I didn’t want to bug him. “How was your day?” I asked him leaning against the
wall as he undressed.
“I’m tired of coming home and hearing recite the
same thing everyday…” He mumbled and stopped
midway through the sentence. “What did you say?” “I’m sure you heard me.” “Well I had thought about it and decided we’d be talking about that over dinner. But since you brought it up…I don’t have a choice but to talk about it now.” “I see. I will as well one day remind you to breathe. You can’t for once be useful to yourself besides flooding the internet with every breath you take as if you can pay for a thing in your life.”
“What’s this all about? If somehow you were
frustrated at the office then be a man and let
whatever happened in Vegas remain in Vegas. Stop bringing your frustration home.” My tone had increased involuntarily. “You’re shouting at me right? Fine, let’s have a chat.” He sat at the edge of the bed. “What can you do?” I cleared my throat and told him I was a graduate and would love to practise. I told him I wanted a pharmaceutical company. After I relayed it all to him, he was smirking with indignation. “You’re such a joke. I was always right that you’re good at nothing.” He stood and started for the bathroom.
I was left fuming at his reaction and pouring it all on the pillows. I kicked and punched but the fury never left one bit. He left the bathroom tying a towel around his waist. I clenched my fist and bit my lower lip to control my
temper. “So what are you saying?” “About what?” He asked expressionless.
“About the proposal I just made?” I patiently answered. “Now get it into your skull.” He said with furrowed brows and a tightened jaw. “You are nothing but a scumbag. You are a no good daughter of a frugal
asslicking gold-digger. Hey, wait before you say
anything… You worth nothing more than mere sex toy, you’re only good for sex and that is why and only why you’re still here.”
“Oh my God!” I exclaimed. “Did you just say that to
me?” “If you want me to write a thesis about it, I’ll write a hundred pages. You are just a bag of I’ll luck. Ever since I met you it’s been one I’ll luck or the other. My business has been dwindling and finally it’s on a steep decline. Then again I lost my parents at the
same time. You’re just an omen.” “Excuse me, are you blaming me for your parents’ demise?”
“Who else Nomsa? Who else if not you?” He yelled into my face. “Do you know what?” I started to say, “I used to think you were just a beast but you’re just a product of
frustration.” I was barely done when stars flew from my eyes and the force of his slamming hand on the side of my head sent me crashing into the bedside cabinet. I struggled to find my footing but he was there already to drag me up. He landed another one that sent me crashing into the mirror and shattering it. He was yelling abusive words and curses as he
battered me. When I stole a glimpse of his face in
the chaos, I could only liken it to a beast, an angry
and hungry beast out for a kill. I was not only the
prey but the threat, the death was glaring that
awaited me. “I’ll show you exactly what you’re good at.” He raged and locked the door before I could get there. I tried to scream but he grabbed me by the throat and choked me, shoving me hard on the bed. With a brisk movement, he used the bedside table as a ladder to the ceiling and pushed it a bit, that part of the ceiling gave way. I never knew there was such in our room. He pulled out a rolled up twine rope and a whip. “I’m going to show you a exactly what you are built for and how.” I knew he was coming to tie me up and tried to
wrestle with him but his punches weakened me. He turned me around and tied my hands to the bed
posts. For the first time, I understand that our
matrimonial bedroom was a cursed apparatus. Every
decor was an instrument for bondage and slavery. I
was married to a sadist.
In a short time, he had expertly tied me up to a
position where my legs were crisscrossed behind my head and my hands wide apart. My crotch was bared in the open space and my breasts in between my thighs. He played deaf to my soft moans from pain and my pleas never permeated him. Still dry in my private part, he began to enter me, thrusting
rapidly. I cried but he never cared to listen. Each time I put up a struggle, he whipped me with whip and
spat on me. He rode me like that, alternating between my two private parts. When he withdrew for the third round, he sat the edge of the bed, looking horrific. He tried to speak but hesitated and left with his phone, he returned with water and some apples. “You know what? Yes you were lucky to miss out at the cabin. It was going to be a party before the news about my parents. But it’s not over yet. All you are good for is to fuck. I met you on this
premise, fuck fuck fuck. The first time we met, fuck. You came again, fuck, we chatted, fuck, I proposed to you while fucking… It’s all fuck fuck fuck. So just get it. You are only for fuck. And in the family, we share.” We had a knock downstairs and he went to get it. When he returned, I noticed he had company. Following him, were footfalls I thought were too many to count.
Buggy and his cohort were all in my matrimonial




Buggy was in company of three other guys. I couldn’t place their faces, if they were present at my post wedding party or not. They each gave me a wry smile. I knew my life would be over very soon. Vincent should have just killed me
and buried me, instead of making me go through the
pain of gang rape. I knew he called them to have a taste of me. Something Vincent told me that after they have all had sex with me in his presence, I would be welcomed
into his family. “What nonsense family is that, Vincent? You all are very sick! Come and untie me from here!” I screamed
with the little strength in me. Vincent didn’t care. “Don’t make things worse.” He said. I started crying. “Vincent please don’t do this to me.” I pleaded.
Vincent turned a deaf ear, took a bite of an apple and
offered some to his friends. “Oh God, I promise, if this cup should pass me by, I will never ever have anything to do with Vincent. Please Lord, save my life.” I said a silent prayer. As I was lost in thought, I never noticed that Buggy had already undressed and began stroking his disfigured penis with cap like crushed snake head. He was uncircumcised. He started approaching me with an apple. He offered
me a bite, of which I shook my head and turned it away but that infuriated him, just like Vincent. He then threw away the Apple in anger and quickly rushed to our wardrobe, brought out a lubricant and poured it all over my body. He leaned over me and started french kissing me. He spread my legs wide open and ate my private part like a wild lion hungry for a prey. Yes I was buggy’s prey. Each lick felt like I was gnawed by a carnivore. Something that would have been a pleasure was a nightmare to me. Of all people, it was the scary Buggy. My vagina was very sore and painful. Buggy continued
to lick my exposed vulva and anus. He even tongue
fucked my anus. He was dirty and horrible and scary like that. With the little strength in me, I begged Vincent to tell
Buggy to let go of me. I begged him with everything he held dear to him. But he came closer to me and whispered, “You just have to grin and bear him fuck you. If only you knew how lovely it is to behold. I cried and reminded Vincent how happy we were the first time I came here. While I cried and begged Vincent, Buggy didn’t even care. He was still busy licking my anus like it was best part of a meal. Then he proceeded to licking my body like the dog he was.
Vincent wasn’t moved one bit, even when suddenly,
Buggy whipped me so hard! I let out a loud cry. He moaned softly as he grabbed my breast like a hungry infant. Buggy sucked my breast so hard, that I screamed in pain.
It seemed he derived joy when I screamed, because
the way he shook when I screamed like a convulsing baby. He was sexually gratified when I screamed. That was his climax, his orgasm, so weird how he did it. I was tired of crying and screaming in pains. I was
already loosing my last strength when one of the guys brought out a drug already in a syringe from a box. With the little strength in me, i pleaded to know what they were about to inject into me. He just whispered that I should Calm down, and the whole process would be painless. I begged for my life like they owned it. Of course they really owned my life. After I was injected with the content in the syringe, I passed out….
Few hours later, I woke up and found out that I had
been untied and wrapped under a blanket. I tried to
get up but I had pains all over my body. I had no
friend to call for help. The sound of music blared
from the speakers in the sitting room. Then I stretched out my hand to unplug my phone from the socket. As I unlocked it, I saw 20 missed calls from my mum and younger sister. Then a message popped up. It was from my younger sister, telling me that she would love to visit before going back to school. I quickly replied her text, not to come as Vincent and I had gone for a business trip. I couldn’t allow my younger sister visit me in my husband’s house. Who knows? Vincent could rape her in my presence or
his cohort could gang rape her and make me watch
my own younger sister suffer like me. I shook my head and immediately my head ached. It felt like I was hit by a train. While I was in the midst of my thoughts, I heard a
raucous laughter coming from the sitting room. I
recognised it to be Vincent and his friends. It was obvious they were still very much around.
I planned on escaping, otherwise, who knew what they would do to me once they realised I was awake? I gathered the little strength in me, picked my purse that had my ATM cards in them and a little money in case of necessity. I tiptoed towards the back door with my slippers held
towards my chest, my phone and my purse held tight under my arms as I made my way towards the back door, praying silently and earnestly not to be caught. I had to help my self even with the soreness of my body and Vagina which had already affected my gate, I didn’t care. All on my mind was to be out of that hell of a house. I looked like a mad woman, my hair was scattered like someone who had just fought. There was no time for makeup as making up never crossed my mind in the first place. How would one
running for safety think of makeup? I thought. I succeeded in my prison and headed straight to a
pharmacy to get some drugs for myself. After getting the medications, I felt dizzy and began staggering out of the pharmacy, mindless of the prying stares from other customers. It was difficult finding my next footing after another. I hadn’t had time to take the drugs I bought when I lost my footing and fell with a
thud just before the glass doors held a jar by the






My post wedding party had been turned into a sex party. Everyone was naked and having sex. While some men had two ladies other had one, which they kept alternating. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Not all
the people were within my view as I searched for my
husband. What sort of sodomy was that? At one spot were two ladies doing themselves, in fact, the whole scene was just the perfect picture of a gang banging or group sex pornography. Scared, I withdrew from the window alarmed. I put my hands over my mouth so not to scream. I darted towards the door to fetch my husband. He’d better not
be riding another lady. We’d hardly talked to each other on our way home.
My tongue was tied and I couldn’t speak as a result
of what had met my eyes downstairs as I went
looking for my man. “I don’t believe I started my marriage on this note.” I
eventually broke the eery silence between us as we
finished unpacking. He didn’t​ say anything, rather he went into the bathroom. I sat on the bed and cried, clutching a
pillow to my chest. What had I not done for Vincent? I had never denied him sex and ensured each time he
had it to his full no matter how sore my private felt. I
had become a sex toy over the past few months of knowing and being with him. “Why are you crying?” I didn’t hear him come out.
I turned around to find him naked. He had just showered. “Isn’t that a dumb question?” “I think you’re just overreacting.”
“Overreacting you say?”
“Yes of course. What’s the big deal?” He asked. His words dealt me a blow and he suddenly became
irritable to me. “That I found my newly wedded
husband frolicking in a pool with five girls is not
reason enough to be mad? Eh Vincent? What sort of
rubbish talk is that? How long have we been married?” “You should have simply joined the other ladies.” He said calmly. “Most of those people you saw there are
couples, but no one gives a hoot. We mingle like that. If we must be spouses, then you need to get used to it. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, and variety is the spice of life. Don’t be so naive and conservative, look at the bright side of everything and you would be thankful.” Oh my God! What nonsense was he talking about? Vincent came and sat beside me, “in that family, we don’t know who is married to who. When you’re horny,
you turn to the nearest person to you.” “You must be sick. So it’s true that you’re a lunatic?” His face tightened in a frown. “What did you just
say?” “I said it’s true you’re a lunatic! I should have
listened.” “Who did you talk to?” He asked with rage writhing his
face. “What does it matter? It’s obvious that you are a lunatic. No normal person thinks the way you do.” I had barely completed my sentence when a deafening slap landed on my face. Few seconds darkness befell me and left me groping for safety. Before I could catch my breath, another one came from the other side of my face and sent me crashing on the floor from the bed. “I can’t see, oh God I can’t see.” I screamed. “Are you going to tell me whom you’ve been talking to?” I heard him cross over the bed to where I was. I struggled to scurry away from him but he caught me with his strong arms. The same arms that were firm
when we made out and contributed to our fun, were the ones that kept me from safety. I was crying but he didn’t care, rather he pinned me
to the floor yelling threats to my face. He threatened
to kill me if I didn’t tell him. “It’s Nelly… It’s Nelly.” I struggled to speak from
choking under his grip on my neck. “So you were discussing me with her and lied when I asked you?” He landed me more slaps, this time accompanied by punches from clenched fists. I
wrestled to defend myself from the punches but it
seemed to do little. He tore my clothes off my body and raped me.




…He tore my clothes off my and raped me. I lied there, motionless and passive, writhing in pain as he had his way until he was done and left me alone on the floor, crying with the little strength left in me. Vincent dressed up and left the house that evening and never returned until the next day.
When I acquired some strength, enough to get me off the floor, I dragged myself to the bed and propped myself against it. My head ached. I didn’t know who to talk to. I was alone and really alone in this. I couldn’t deal with complaining about the marriage I boasted about just a day after it started. Who would even make a sense from what I might have to say? It would just be awkward. How would I explain that my husband was swamped by five ladies and doing orgy sex in my post wedding party while I dozed off in the
bedroom upstairs. I dragged myself further towards the bathroom and
on getting by the mirror I decided to have look. I had become black eyed, with a red patch on my left white eye, the very eye that received a larger number of the punches. I needed a doctor. After cleaning up, I knew I had to do something, call
someone or at least get some medication. I dressed up in something nice and casual. I fluffed my hair so it would fall freely and cover the
landmarks Vincent had planted on my face. I picked a pair of shades from their rack and thought it covered well.
I started leaving only to get to the exit door and
realised it was locked. I had been locked in by
Vincent. What was he wishing me? It was three hours since he left and my head was still pounding from the panel beating I received from him. I slumped into one
of the couches and remained there for a long time before searching the entire house for any medicine I could find. Fortunately, I found some pain relievers and took them. Few minutes later, I slept off. I was still sleeping when I noticed someone’s presence in the room. I was still trying to wake up when Vincent joined me in bed and hugged me tight from behind. He remained that way and didn’t let me
wriggle free from his grip. He kissed my neck and
whispered into my ears.
“I’m sorry baby. It all ended yesterday. It will never
happen again.” I broke down and cried. That morning, he served me breakfast in bed and
pecked me at every chance he got. But my friends on Facebook have always opined that once a man starts to beat his wife, it never ends. I was yet to know how true that could be. At least, I was married now and ready to have a first hand
experience of all that.
I picked up my phone and left the contacts list where
I had been battling the temptation to call Nelly. She was the only person who could at least, understand. After I put the phone aside, Vincent spread before me
two passports and other documents that certified our trip to Dubai where the end began.




…She was the only person who could at least, understand. After I put the phone aside, Vincent spread before me two passports and other documents that certified our trip to Dubai where the end began. Life after the wedding day saga felt so rosy and aroused the concretization of the saying that it’s not about the start but the end. We might not have started well, but I believed we were on course to bliss. Vincent became a darling once again. He treated me like a king would treat his queen, holding and squeezing my hands occasionally and pecking my forehead as a conclusion to every
decision making. He would pat my back with
assurance and cupped my face in his hands when he
wanted to clarify me. Few days after my black eye had disappeared and my red eye also, we set for Dubai. Our trip started on
Facebook before we flew on Snapchat and later
landed on Instagram. All other of my social media
handles had their fair share. This time, my settings were not altered rather I had to tag some people in a bid to ensure the posts never eluded Nelly. She had become a silent preacher of marriage and good homes with some decent pictures of blissful moments with Peter. They were expecting a baby even. A cold wordless war was going on between Nelly and me, a cyber war. If she was aware of this war was something I never gave a hoot about rather I had solace in the fact that my fan base had increased drastically because of my slay pictures and short videos. My several pictures around the fleet of cars that graced Vincent compound, including that of his
neighbours helped me a lot. I simply entered the
Range Rover Sport and took pictures in the driver’s seat, behind the wheel, playing music and turning my head left to right like a standing fan and before a minute, it had hit over a hundred likes and hearts with comments from drooling admirers. I began hosting contests and dolled out huge amounts of cash on Facebook and Instagram.
My road to fame was made easier than so many
other’s road to their toilets, or so it seemed.
As soon as we arrived Dubai International Airport, we had a chauffeur driven car waiting to take us to a
cabin near the beach. The interior was state of the art and luxuriously furnished with furniture sets, chandeliers, a plasma TV and a 70’s recorder. From the bedroom upstairs, we had access to a view of the beach with white and black skins bared under
the sun. Everything about the cabin felt like I was shooting in a music video. In my mind’s eyes, I put golden chains on Vincent over a big white T-shirt and sagged pair of white jeans trousers and loafers; he looked like Puff Diddy. I just needed to dance and twerk and frolic around Vincent before a camera, under lights and boom mic, for the feeling to be complete. It felt even nice being made love to by Vincent on that large bed. We spent more time idling about, sensualising our bodies. Touching and teasing erogenous parts; his nipples, ear lobes, back of my neck, my arms and lot of other places. The cuddling was grand. We spent our honeymoon on sight seeing and shopping in several of Dubai’s malls. The highlight of our stay was a visit to the Seven Star Burj Al Arab
Jumeirah. The sight of gold stung with me as I gawked at the golden walls and decors of the massive hotel that
was symbolic of the United Arab Emirates. That day culminated in an intense love making.
All these happened and not a thing missed the social media. My fans went with me to Dubai, they knew and could tell my story better than me, especially those prolific and talented writers among them. I was ponderously rummaging the cabinets and dark
corners, looking for nothing exactly, just idling away as I waited for Vincent to return from a business meeting he had scheduled after luckily running into an old associate of his father’s.
My mind idled on why Nelly had never reacted to any of my posts; not even a single shade talk more of a sub. Damn! That girl was saner than I had thought. What ever was wrong with her, I rebuffed the thought with a jeering face. I decided to check our clothing  and other stuff in preparation for our departure since we had barely three days left. I was searching the wardrobe when I found a round knob at one end. I didn’t understand it
but just decided to turn it.
I tried turning it clockwise but it didn’t move so I tried
anti-clockwise and it broke free after the second attempt. After turning the knob, the board behind it loosened and I shoved it inside. I needed a flashlight and quickly recouped one. I flashed it in and found some framed pictures and other photos stacked together. I pulled them out and retreated to the table to study them. The face I saw in the framed photos looked familiar.




The face I saw in framed photos looked familiar. Yes, my brain quickly called it up. It was the huge dark predator at the post wedding party. It was Shriek, the ghoul Vincent had addressed as Buggy. I began to sweat and shake visibly in the air conditioned room. What was his picture doing here? Perhaps he used this room also or even owned it. I quickly sought to see what the other stacked pictures held. My eyes bulged at the sight of what I had forgotten, what I once thought was hallucination. So it was real? The same things I had seen in Vincent’s
room the first time, even a scarier sight. I searched
from picture to picture at how women were bandaged and fastened to an apparatus where they were tortured and used for sexual gratification.
Conspicuous marks from whip lashes and dripping
blood decorated the women’s bodies as their faces writhed in pain and tears. What was all this?
Curiosity led me to view more and by the time I got
to the last photo, I was convinced that the room in the photos was in the cabin I had been sleeping,
eating and making love in. I was totally oblivious of
the spooky nature of this house, enjoying what was
supposed to be a nightmare for me. The revelation made me shudder and drop one of the framed photos to shatters on the floor and jolted me from the seat. I wanted to see it all. I knew I had to search the house to find this room. Where else could it be? I had entered all the rooms in
the house so no room that size could be anywhere on
the surface of the earth, sharing the same building
with the one I was in. I was about giving up when I tripped and fell, crashing
into a flower pot just under the staircase. I was
struggling to stand when I caught a glimpse of a
squat door on the floor underneath the staircase.
Yes, there was a basement. I struggled to my feet and went to check the door. The metal latch on the door was posing some difficulty but I forced it open anyway and found a wooden staircase that led into a steep darkness. I went back to retrieve my torch and returned to calm my curiosity. I took one step at a time, descending
the creaking stairs without a rail. I flashed my
torchlight but couldn’t see much ahead. At the foot of the stairs, I searched and found a light switch. As soon as I switched on the lights, my jaw dropped and my stomach churned. My head swirled around me and my limbs lost their strength. I slumped and passed out. When I woke up, I was lying on the bed and Vincent had almost packed all our bags. I didn’t understand what he was up to.In a flash, the pictures of the basement, the sight of bondage apparatuses looking like a serial killers laboratory, the whips and chains and clips and needles, they all came back. With a jerk, I thrust myself up to a sitting position, startling Vincent to an abrupt turn.
“You’re awake.” He turned and continued packing.
“What is this place?” “What are you talking about?” “You know exactly what I’m talking about. What is his picture doing here?” I asked through squinting eyes. “You ask too many questions.” He replied coldly.”  I need answers Vincent .” I yelled. “What exactly are you? Who are you? Who did I marry? What else am I going to find out?” He lunged at me at lightening speed, pinning me down with a hand cupped over my mouth. ” Shut up, this is not Zambia. Stop shouting or I’ll kill you and leave you here to rot.” After he calmed me, he retreated and stood at the edge of the bed, looking down at me. “We’re leaving first thing tomorrow morning. I got a call from home that my parents were both involved in an auto crash. They are both unconscious as we
speak.” He said calmly and started for the bathroom.
I was weakened but never shut a lid until daybreak.